Stone Zoo

During the first week of May, The World Bird Sanctuary comes to the Stone Zoo to preform their educational bird show. The staff are frequent lodgers in Arlington. We spoke with both organizations to find out where they’re staying and learn some more about the show.

I conducted research and interviews for this piece.


Supergirl Recap 1×16

You can also find the recap here

In this week’s Supergirl Kara channels her inner Regina George when she is exposed to Red Kryptonite.

After a long list of praises from Cat on The Talk (CBS’ The View rip-off) Supergirl goes to help save a fireman stuck on the roof of a burning building. There she is exposed to Red Kryptonite, unfortunately she doesn’t know it. Kara’s spiral into antihero/really unenthusiastic villain is gradual at first and relatively entertaining. Red Kara is snarky, bold and “dressing like an adult” according to Cat. But like most tropes a little bit of snarkiness transforms into a malicious arrogance, and the next thing you know Kara is getting Siobhan fired (which will probably bite her in the butt later) and throwing Cat off the balcony of her office (but I mean who hasn’t wanted to do something similar to their own boss?)


Winn and James figure out there’s something wrong with Kara around the same time Hank and Alex do and who else is behind this but of course, Max Lord. (Was I the only one hoping it was Non? Especially considering that originally Red Kryptonite is a natural element from Krypton. Yes? Okay.)

Max thought he could recreate an organic substance from another planet and creates Red Kryptonite instead. I’m starting to think this man has a thing with being locked up, because why tell on yourself? Why not just fix the problem?

Cat is forced to declare Supergirl a menace, and warns National City to stay away from her. The most interesting thing about this is that CatCo is such a trusted name that the entire city gets behind her without evidence or questioning her. What if Cat and Supergirl got in a disagreement and she decided to use her power to slander her? I mean she’s done some petty things in this show (including hiring Siobhan) what’s to stop her from raising that bar? I suppose National City takes place in an ideal world where the media does what it’s supposed to, or at least Cat Co does. In the grand scheme of things, it demonstrates the power the media has on a community especially when it abides by the journalistic integrity intended for journalism.

Now fully embracing her bad girl title, Kara dons a suit similar to Astra’s and Non’s channeling a deeper issue with her and Alex including the fact that Alex killed Astra. After ripping to the deepest parts of Alex’s insecurities, Kara decides to go on a destructive spree but is stopped by the DEO and Max’s ray gun thing that should reverse the effects. Kara, who now fights ruthlessly knocks out all their guns and targets in on Alex, with a presumable look to kill her.

Hank turns into Jon, because he knows it’s the only way he’ll be able to stop Kara from making the kind of mistake that’ll destroy her. He stops her but for whatever reason instead of leaving like he should have he decides to stay and get arrested by his own organization.

Kara now back to her normal self has to relive the horrors of how she has behaved, and apologize, as Kara and Supergirl, and most of those personal apologies go over relatively well, except for James who needs time to sort out his feelings, and just like that my sailing ship gets waterlogged (or some other metaphor about ship issues).


Which of Red Kara’s outfits were your favorite?

Do you think Kara will admit to basically framing Siobhan?

Will we ever see Martian Man Hunter again?

Is this the end of Alex, Hank and Kara?

Should Kara go see someone about her anger issues?


Supergirl Recap 1×15

You can also find the recap here

This week’s Supergirl looks at how sometimes we can be the ones to cause our own downfall. This is made evident through a multitude of characters and even has a resonating ending that brings our society into question of its own self destruction.

For Kara we see this through her attempt to stop Indigo by herself. As Kara has chosen to quit the DEO she relies heavily on Winn and James to stop what first appears to be an internet hacker (yay women in computer science!) but we later find out is a part of the Coluan species. Her name is Indigo (aka Brainiac 8) and she’s hell bent on destroying the human race and flirting with Non. Kara gets foiled by Indigo a multitude of times as does the DEO and it’s only when they work together, that they are able to defeat her.

For Indigo she literally gets bested by her own arrogance… and Winn (formally known by Kat as Toyman Jr.). After letting Non know that project Miriad won’t work, Indigo travels through the internet and plots to destroy the world through nuclear destruction (hello Cold War) and cyber terrorism (demonstrating that we as a society might be destructive with our dependence on technology). When Winn tries to stop her she brags about her greatness and is promptly destroyed by a virus.

For James, he ends up destroying his relationship with Lucy. At the end of last week’s episode James asks Kara if he can tell Lucy that she’s Supergirl, which I understand to a point, but the lack of trust in their relationship clearly steams from something deeper (James not putting Lucy first, sometimes not even second). This is made clear when James blows off a date that he planned to show Supergirl where the Fortress of Solitude is. The Fortress comes with all the fixings, including Kal-Ex and the Legion Fight Ring. When James comes back to National City, Lucy (unsurprisingly) ends it because it’s clear to her that James is in love with Kara and vice versa. And though I feel bad for Lucy, my shipping heart couldn’t dance with anymore joy.

Alex ends up being her own downfall way before this episode when she kills Astra, but she reaps the repercussions for it throughout the episode. Plagued with guilt Alex is unable to focus on her tasks properly, and spends part of her time trying to justify her Hank’s actions to Kara and get her to forgive him. After Kara realizes that she needs the DEO despite her feelings toward Hank, Alex snaps and tells Kara the truth.  The difference for Alex is that Kara is forgiving toward her and Hank whom she realizes was protecting Alex.

In the final scene, we are shown Non with Indigo’s severed body pieces which looks like they will later be pieced together, unlike my understanding of what Miriad is.


How long do I have to wait for #Jara?

How do you think Kara is going to react when she finds out about Winn and Siobhan (because she IS going to find out)?

Do you think the DEO will hire, Winn full time, should they?

Supergirl Recap 1×14

The published article can be found here

This week’s Supergirl is all about Kara, her morals and forgiveness; which goes hand in hand with the fact that in the last episode Alex killed Astra. The episode starts off with Kara and Non temporarily burying the hatchet to give Astra a touching farewell service that included some Kryptonian customs and Non threatening to kill Kara next.

Maxwell Lord wants to be freed and Alex feels guilty that Hank is shouldering all the blame and Kara’s animosity. At Kat Co Kara has had a demotion of sorts, because Kat is feeling petty that Kara’s job performance isn’t up to par. So she hires another assistant. And while I’m annoyed by Kat’s inability to be forgiving her decision is very reflecting of the real world which is just as unforgiving when life gets messy.

Kat notices that Maxwell Lord is missing because duh, and she wants James (who already know where he is) and Lucy (who will obviously figure out where he is) to find him. James is conflicted on what to do because journalists are supposed to hold the government (and secret government agencies) to a standard of ethics. And fundamentally I agree with him, and maybe it’s because I watch too much Scandal (lol you can never watch TOO MUCH Scandal) but personally I’m unbothered by Max being locked up.

The DEO go to pick up a Fort Rozz escapee, but he gets picked up by Boba Fett? Diggle? That guy from Legends of Tomorrow? We don’t know, but what we do know is he beheads his captors and calls himself the Master Jailer.

Lucy finds out that the DEO has Max (what a surprise) and James gets caught lying and withholding information which brings back some old relationship scars about James’ weird relationship with Superman and whether or not it’s the same with Supergirl.

Kara goes head the head with the Master Jailer and technically doesn’t lose, but he does get away.

Kat tells James a horrific story about an actor she interviews who kills his wife, which is supposed to relate to Max but I it seems a bit extreme? The point however is that if you do nothing then you are a part of the problem. And this resonates with James because he tells Kara that keeping Maxwell Lord hostage justifies his fear and hatred for aliens.

The DEO finds out who the Master Jailer is, Kara makes a Wire reference which is then paired with Alex getting shot, by a cop. This cop turns out to be the Master Jailer, who isn’t actually a cop but a guard for Fort Rozz who took his job way to seriously.

He captures Kara, who has a heart to heart with the then escaped no recaptured Fort Rozz prisoner, who it turns out was in jail for drug smuggling (commentary on the prison system?) Alex helps Kara escape and defeat the Master Jailer, and Kara lets the Fort Rozz prisoner go, because drug charges aren’t something you die over. Kara also decides to let Max go because it’s the right thing to do and because now her can go full Lex Luther.

Kara goes back to her mom-o-gram (mom hologram) to ask her about Myriad and she over reacts and shuts down.


What is the other city that has masks that she’s referring to? Gotham? Central? Star?

Why do all interstellar bounty hunters look like Boba Fett?

Did Non and Kara think that maybe a human might look up and see their funeral in the sky? Or do they just not care? Because it was a pretty clear night…

Who did Alex and Hank think the Master Jailer is? Who do you guys think they are referring to?

Do you think Kara should let James tell Lucy she’s Supergirl?


Medical Marijuana Dispensary

On Monday the Board of Selectmen voted in non opposition, allowing the Massachusetts Patient Foundation to pursue a permit from the Department of Public Health in their quest to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Arlington.

I served as producer on this segment, setting up the story so that it can be properly edited as well as providing voice over work.