Supergirl Recap 1×14

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This week’s Supergirl is all about Kara, her morals and forgiveness; which goes hand in hand with the fact that in the last episode Alex killed Astra. The episode starts off with Kara and Non temporarily burying the hatchet to give Astra a touching farewell service that included some Kryptonian customs and Non threatening to kill Kara next.

Maxwell Lord wants to be freed and Alex feels guilty that Hank is shouldering all the blame and Kara’s animosity. At Kat Co Kara has had a demotion of sorts, because Kat is feeling petty that Kara’s job performance isn’t up to par. So she hires another assistant. And while I’m annoyed by Kat’s inability to be forgiving her decision is very reflecting of the real world which is just as unforgiving when life gets messy.

Kat notices that Maxwell Lord is missing because duh, and she wants James (who already know where he is) and Lucy (who will obviously figure out where he is) to find him. James is conflicted on what to do because journalists are supposed to hold the government (and secret government agencies) to a standard of ethics. And fundamentally I agree with him, and maybe it’s because I watch too much Scandal (lol you can never watch TOO MUCH Scandal) but personally I’m unbothered by Max being locked up.

The DEO go to pick up a Fort Rozz escapee, but he gets picked up by Boba Fett? Diggle? That guy from Legends of Tomorrow? We don’t know, but what we do know is he beheads his captors and calls himself the Master Jailer.

Lucy finds out that the DEO has Max (what a surprise) and James gets caught lying and withholding information which brings back some old relationship scars about James’ weird relationship with Superman and whether or not it’s the same with Supergirl.

Kara goes head the head with the Master Jailer and technically doesn’t lose, but he does get away.

Kat tells James a horrific story about an actor she interviews who kills his wife, which is supposed to relate to Max but I it seems a bit extreme? The point however is that if you do nothing then you are a part of the problem. And this resonates with James because he tells Kara that keeping Maxwell Lord hostage justifies his fear and hatred for aliens.

The DEO finds out who the Master Jailer is, Kara makes a Wire reference which is then paired with Alex getting shot, by a cop. This cop turns out to be the Master Jailer, who isn’t actually a cop but a guard for Fort Rozz who took his job way to seriously.

He captures Kara, who has a heart to heart with the then escaped no recaptured Fort Rozz prisoner, who it turns out was in jail for drug smuggling (commentary on the prison system?) Alex helps Kara escape and defeat the Master Jailer, and Kara lets the Fort Rozz prisoner go, because drug charges aren’t something you die over. Kara also decides to let Max go because it’s the right thing to do and because now her can go full Lex Luther.

Kara goes back to her mom-o-gram (mom hologram) to ask her about Myriad and she over reacts and shuts down.


What is the other city that has masks that she’s referring to? Gotham? Central? Star?

Why do all interstellar bounty hunters look like Boba Fett?

Did Non and Kara think that maybe a human might look up and see their funeral in the sky? Or do they just not care? Because it was a pretty clear night…

Who did Alex and Hank think the Master Jailer is? Who do you guys think they are referring to?

Do you think Kara should let James tell Lucy she’s Supergirl?



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