Supergirl Recap 1×15

You can also find the recap here

This week’s Supergirl looks at how sometimes we can be the ones to cause our own downfall. This is made evident through a multitude of characters and even has a resonating ending that brings our society into question of its own self destruction.

For Kara we see this through her attempt to stop Indigo by herself. As Kara has chosen to quit the DEO she relies heavily on Winn and James to stop what first appears to be an internet hacker (yay women in computer science!) but we later find out is a part of the Coluan species. Her name is Indigo (aka Brainiac 8) and she’s hell bent on destroying the human race and flirting with Non. Kara gets foiled by Indigo a multitude of times as does the DEO and it’s only when they work together, that they are able to defeat her.

For Indigo she literally gets bested by her own arrogance… and Winn (formally known by Kat as Toyman Jr.). After letting Non know that project Miriad won’t work, Indigo travels through the internet and plots to destroy the world through nuclear destruction (hello Cold War) and cyber terrorism (demonstrating that we as a society might be destructive with our dependence on technology). When Winn tries to stop her she brags about her greatness and is promptly destroyed by a virus.

For James, he ends up destroying his relationship with Lucy. At the end of last week’s episode James asks Kara if he can tell Lucy that she’s Supergirl, which I understand to a point, but the lack of trust in their relationship clearly steams from something deeper (James not putting Lucy first, sometimes not even second). This is made clear when James blows off a date that he planned to show Supergirl where the Fortress of Solitude is. The Fortress comes with all the fixings, including Kal-Ex and the Legion Fight Ring. When James comes back to National City, Lucy (unsurprisingly) ends it because it’s clear to her that James is in love with Kara and vice versa. And though I feel bad for Lucy, my shipping heart couldn’t dance with anymore joy.

Alex ends up being her own downfall way before this episode when she kills Astra, but she reaps the repercussions for it throughout the episode. Plagued with guilt Alex is unable to focus on her tasks properly, and spends part of her time trying to justify her Hank’s actions to Kara and get her to forgive him. After Kara realizes that she needs the DEO despite her feelings toward Hank, Alex snaps and tells Kara the truth.  The difference for Alex is that Kara is forgiving toward her and Hank whom she realizes was protecting Alex.

In the final scene, we are shown Non with Indigo’s severed body pieces which looks like they will later be pieced together, unlike my understanding of what Miriad is.


How long do I have to wait for #Jara?

How do you think Kara is going to react when she finds out about Winn and Siobhan (because she IS going to find out)?

Do you think the DEO will hire, Winn full time, should they?


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