Supergirl Recap 1×18

Both recaps of episode 17 and 18 can be found here 

To be completely honest I have been excitedly waiting for this episode for a while now. Like way before I started doing recaps for Black Girl Nerds. Probably before I saw the pilot episode. Part of that has to do with the fact that the Flash is my favorite superhero, the other part is that in some ways Barry and Kara are so similar and Barry is so agreeable that he just fits well into any show he guests stars in, whether that be Arrow, Vixen or Supergirl.

The episode starts off right after the first one ends, Siobhan is being examined by the DEO, and no one knows what’s wrong with her, they do know that she’s not an alien and a frustrated Siobhan leaves but not before catching sight of a very uncooperative Livewire, who is being interrogated by Lucy because people were suffering from electrical imbalances in their brain. In defense of Siobhan, usually when you show a superhuman abnormality, you are test way longer than a couple of hours, if she had stayed they probably could’ve figured out what was going on with her.

Meanwhile at CatCo, Cat is trying to help Kara get the guy (guy in this case being James) using a cupcake metaphor, which it’s kind of demeaning to compare people to food? But whatever. Siobhan goes to CatCo to get her revenge again and screams Kara out a window.  While she is freefalling, she is saved by none other than the Flash.

Kara and Barry have an awkward but delightful who are you off, and Barry is able to piece together that he’s on another Earth. Barry and Winn explain the concept of multiple Earths and completely nerd out about Barry and Kara and it’s adorable, except for the hatin ass hater in the corner James Olsen, who is clearly jealous of Kara’s cool friend Barry, while clearly being in denial about how much he loves Kara.

Siobhan goes to see her mystical aunt to figure out what’s wrong with her, and finds out she’s a banshee. Her powers were activated by her deep hatred for Kara, and the fact that she got her fired. Her aunt tells Siobhan that the only way to get rid of them is to kill the object of her hatred (which, honestly what kind of role model are you lady?) or her powers will get stronger until they kill her soul.

Instead of going to a yoga class and learning how to forgive, Siobhan frees Livewire in hopes that they will team up (like an evil Taylor Swift squad) and she will help her kill both Cat Grant and Kara.

Kara goes to Barry for help in catching both Siobhan and Livewire making jealous James more jealous. She also introduces Barry to the DEO, which doesn’t go over well, because unlike Star Labs the DEO isn’t a place where anyone can stop by. While Barry, Winn and Kara try to find their perps, James and Lucy have a talk about their relationship and Kara. Lucy shows she is the bigger person by moving on and by encouraging James to go for it (it being a relationship with Kara).

Kara and Barry find Siobhan and Livewire and go in for the attack without a real plan, and it doesn’t go over so well, forcing Barry and Kara to make off with their lives still intact. Later on, Kara admits to Barry that she went into the fight blindly because of the Red Kara incident. Barry reveals that a lot of their story lines are similar and suggests that Kara take it slow to get better results, which is funny because ha-ha he’s the fastest man alive.

Siobhan (now Silver Banshee) and Livewire break into Cat Co (honestly they probably just walked in, get better security guards for the building Cat) and kidnap Cat. Winn tries to stop Siobhan (in the process making me consider liking him) but she is steadfast in her destructiveness.

Supergirl and the Flash take on Silver Banshee and Livewire, and they are beat badly. Kara almost dies when she puts herself in harm’s way to save a helicopter. The people of National City stand behind her and they defeat the villains on their own proving that they aren’t as reliant on Supergirl as Kara angrily thought.

Barry goes back home, and Cat reveals that she knew Barry was the Flash all along, because she’s not an idiot, which cements my theory that Cat knows Kara is Supergirl, but has decided not to push her about it again.

Kara invites James over to talk, and finally makes her move. Unfortunately, James doesn’t react to her kiss at all, and it is nightmare inducing-ly awkward. It turns out sorry no thanks isn’t the worst thing you can do if someone kisses you. But it also isn’t his fault, Non has finally operated Myriad which has turned all the human in National City into slave/zombies.


Which Earth is Batman on?

Will there be mention of Barry’s time in National City on The Flash?

Will we get insight into the earth where everyone is evil?



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