Supergirl Recap 1×19

HERE is the published post

This week’s Supergirl was 50 shades of hectic as Non finally puts myriad into use.

All the humans in National City are now coding zombies (in Kryptonian none the less) except for Cat and surprise – surprise (no surprise at all) Maxwell Lord. Max built ion blockers to scramble technology for his ex-flame and himself but not for anyone else (we’re dealing with a real hero here people).

Kara goes to the Fortress of Solitude and her hologram mom gives her the run down on Myriad. It’s a mind control device that Astra designed, so she could get the residents of Krypton to follow her so that she could literally save their planet.

Max suggests to Cat and Supergirl that they kill everybody to stop Myriad from spreading even though it’s technological mind control not a virus. Meanwhile Alex and Jon are one the run and headed toward Alex’s mom’s house.

Kara comes face to face with Non who says he’s going to save the earth from its environmental and societal doom by using Myriad and if Kara tries to stop him he’ll kill her loved ones. He then demonstrates this by having Kelley, Kara’s work friend who we just met, throw herself off the roof. And while I too care about the earth, the environment and societal issues, I and hopefully you know that extremism is never the answer – in the words of Jake Peralta (Brooklyn 99) “cool motive, still murder.”

Panicked and out of options Kara calls Alex and Jon who are still chillin’ at momma Danvers home, and fills them in. Max has created a Kryptonite bomb, that’ll beat Non but will probably kill over three hundred thousand people. Indigo, who is working for ride or die of the year, wants Non to reach his truest potential and encourages him to not just aim at taking over the Earth but the universe because Myriad is that powerful.

Jon decided to help Kara because he’s a Martian and Myriad doesn’t affect him. For whatever reason Alex decides it a good idea to come with him (it’s not). Jon and Alex come back to National City and are met by Indigo and she kicks Jon’s butt mostly because he’s using part of his energy to protect Alex from being brain washed. After their butt kicking, they are kidnapped.

Supergirl and Cat convince Max of another way to stop Myriad, but it may be too late as Non has grabbed control of Alex has challenged Kara to fight her to the death.


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