Legends of Super Flarrow Crossover

The CW (aka DC TV) did a 4ish (more like 3.2) cross over of all their DC shows. My recap of Supergirl can be found here. I also contributed the Legends of Tomorrow recap, but if you want a recap of the entire cross over from start to finish you can find that here!

Invasion! The Finale

The final tie into the crossover is jammed packed by transitions smoothly from Arrow.

Nate, Cisco, Mick, Felicity and Amaya go back to 1951 to kidnap a Dominator and find out why they’re attacking Earth, while Oliver, Barry, Ray and Sarah go to a meeting with the President. Kara wants to go too (for back up) but Oliver’s masculinity is threatened so he tells her to stay put. And besides me questioning when Oliver became someone who’s afraid of strong women, I’m also confused as to why flipping SUPERGIRL listened to him at all (it stinks of patriarchy).

Caitlin and Professor Stein are trying to develop a way to stop the aliens neurologically, Caitlin calls Stein’s daughter in for help, but he’s stressed because he later plans to erase her from existence.

Amaya, Mick and Star Spangled Idiot (Nate) go to pick up the Dominator while Felicity (who is suffering from the effects of time travel) and Cisco are benched and must stay on the ship. While procuring a straggler, they are met by the government who shoots the alien and them, taking them back to their base.

Cisco and Felicity are freaking out because they now have to save Mick, Amaya and Nate, who are in their cell trying to communicated with the Dominator. They find out that the Dominators are just trying to figure out if the new metas (the JSA) are a threat. The unknown government agents take the Dominator out for questioning, and Nate, Amaya and Mick are rescued by Cisco and Felicity. Cisco convinces the others to save the Dominator and it leaves, but not before Cisco can steal a transponder.

Meanwhile, in 2016 Sarah, Ray, Barry and Oliver are waiting for the president. It turns out their ‘meeting’ is a trap, by the same people who captured Mick, Amaya and Nate in the past. The four of them take out the agents (except for the old guy of course) and find out that the Dominators are threatened by Barry (does that mean that Barry’s the most powerful hero on Earth 1, or does he just mess up the space time continuum AGAIN?) and want him to surrender himself.

Felicity, Amaya, Mick, Cisco and Nate fly back to 2016 and get a call on the transponder from the Dominator they saved. He lets them know that if Barry doesn’t surrender they will deploy a weapon that will kill all metahumans. Barry is willing to sacrifice himself (which, I mean I LOVE Barry, but Wally is Kid Flash so…).

The Dominators are closing in on Earth as a means of leveraging. Cisco uses the transponder to vibe onto the Dominators ship. The Dominator they saved serves them with the Catch 22 of by becoming a hero you create more villains (which eventually become a danger to the universe). Cisco comes to an understanding of Barry’s actions (because now he too has played with time).

Stein’s daughter is struggling with her project, and Caitlin gives Stein some parenting advice. Stein apologizes to his daughter for being a jerk, and she comes to a realization about the weapon.

Barry decides to turn himself in (bye Barry) but Oliver and all the heroes stop him. The Dominators invade earth as a distraction from the bomb they’re about to release. The team fights a small group of Dominators in Central City and Supergirl saves Oliver’s life (because she’s better than him).

Stein has completed his device that will cause pain to the Dominators Barry and Supergirl fly/run around to place it on all the aliens, while Sarah and Cisco are on the wave rider trying to figure out how to stop this bomb from dropping. With the help of the wave rider’s tractor beam and Firestorm they stop they stop the bomb from dropping (Supergirl could have probably helped, but whatever). The Dominators retreat, the President (who is a BLACK WOMAN) honors the heroes and then they have a goodbye/celebration party. Oliver apologizes to Kara for being an ass hat and Cisco gives Kara (and the CW) a way to crossover.



Supergirl Recap 2×08

Super Flarrow of Tomorrow Part 1

It’s Thanksgiving at Kara’s house and all the usual suspects are there (except for J’onn, this is the second time in a row what gives?) and Mama Danvers is back! Mon-El on a mission to mate (lol) tries to get on Mama Danvers good side while Alex tries to come out to her mom.  Just when Kara is about to cut the turkey, there is a brief disruption in the space time continuum.

Kara decides to interview Lena (in an attempt to be sneaky) to figure out what Cadmus is up to. Lena abruptly ends the interview (suspect) and then immediately calls her mother (even more suspect).

Cyborg Superman infiltrates the alien friendly bar and sets off a smoke bomb killing all the aliens inside except for Mon-El who followed him out in the nick of time. The DEO quarantines Mon-El because he was exposed and Alex suggests bringing back Eliza (Mama Danvers) to study the astrobiology of the gas.

Due to his odd behavior, and thoughts planted by her mother, Kara asks Mon-El if he has feelings for her, Mon-El laughs it off telling her no (liar). His laugh turns into a coughing attack causing him to be hospitalized.

Mama Danvers figures out that Mon-El’s ailment is a Kryptonian virus, and Supergirl realizes that Cyborg Superman must have used her blood to get the virus from the Fortress of Solitude (so Superman was just chillin’ with a bio weapon in his hideout? Bro this is why people don’t trust you). She goes there to figure out what happened. When she arrives, and asks Kal-Ex for information it tells her she’s an intruder and attacks her.

Kara destroys Kal-Ex (RIP) and learns about Medusa – a weaponized virus that Kara’s dad created (Kara’s parents are low-key terrorists) to attack all alien life but Kryptonians (doesn’t that mean it should attack humans as well?)

Alex is still struggling to come out to her mother and her mom can sense the awkwardness. Eliza asks Alex what’s wrong and Alex tries to tell her but she just can’t. Luckily for Alex her mom is completely in the know and is totally cool and accepting of Alex being gay.

Meanwhile, Kara is trying to come to terms with her parents’ difficult decisions to defend and save their planet, and talks to J’onn about it. J’onn physiology starts changing mid discussion and he tells Kara that he’s turning into a White Martian. Kara tries to get J’onn help but he tells her that his issues aren’t the priority right now.

Alex, Mama Danvers and Winn figure out that Cadmus needs an isotope to use the super virus against all the aliens in National City. An isotope that L Corp happens to have. Kara goes to stop Cyborg Superman from getting the isotope and another rip in the space time continuum saves her from death. In the middle of their fight the cops show up and Maggie is hit by a stray bullet, but survives.

Eliza questions Lena Luthor’s motives and Kara agrees to fly to L Corp and investigate. Supergirl tells Lena that her mother is the head of Cadmus, but Lena doesn’t take it well.

Supergirl leaves Lena in an angry mood, but not before encouraging her to be her own hero.

Kara feels guilty because Mon-El is slowly dying, but he tries to comfort her by letting her know this isn’t his first time escaping death (which feels like it’ll be important later) and kisses her.

Lena contacts her mother again and questions her involvement with Cadmus. Instead of calling the cops or being disgusted she tells her mom she wants in.

Cadmus goes to National City port to release the virus because it will disperse best. Kara and Hank go to stop them (despite the fact that Hank will die), but they are too late. Lena turns the key and the rocket with the virus is released. Supergirl goes to stop the rocket and Martian Manhunter fights Cyborg Superman (Hank verses Hank!). The rocket explodes… and nothing happens.

It turns out Lena saved the day by giving her mother the wrong isotope and calling the cops. Her mom gets arrested, but the real Hank Henshaw escapes.

There are a group of aliens (Daximites?) looking for Mon-El who is okay thanks to Mama Danvers who cured him and Hank. Kara’s asks him if they’re going to talk about their kiss, but Mon-El pretends to not remember and Kara drops it.

Maggie brings Alex a pizza (I wish my crush would bring me a pizza) because she realizes after her near death experience that she wants to be with Alex (honestly, this kind of cheapens the moment, I find the near-death trope insulting to the previously rejected person).

Barry and Cisco come through the time rip and ask Kara to help them with… to find out you’re going to have to read the next 3 recaps as part of the 4 DAY CROSS OVER EVENT!

This was an okay episode plot movement wise but it totally knocks out the Big Bad (that being Cadmus) unless they’re like Hydra and another head will take its place. However, it barely tied into the crossover, and solved all the issues we were currently dealing with.

I also must ask what the point was of Winn and James discussing whether they should tell Kara about Guardian if it was immediately shut down in the first 5 minutes and never addressed again? That entire plot point could have just been brought up next episode.

Questions/ Comments

Why didn’t Kara tell Eliza about Jeremiah? Didn’t she think his WIFE would want to know her husband is okay?

How do you think team Supergirl, the DEO and her job will react to Kara being gone for like 4 days?

Do you ship Mara?


Supergirl Recap 2×07

Will the Real Hank Henshaw Please Stand Up

This week’s episode brought us more Cadmus and looked at James figuring this vigilante stuff out. It was pretty good, it moves the story along and answers some questions, I’ve had. However, it felt like I was watching two different shows, Supergirl and black Arrow.

  • Guilty Guardian

Despite Kara’s dismay, Guardian is cleaning up the streets and he’s the darling of National City. That is until a fake Guardian wanna-be kills a drug dealer and everyone thinks it’s him. James tries to desperately clear his name, and Winn starts to freak out. Due to copycat Guardian’s antics, he has a warrant out for his arrest.

In an attempt to help James, and not go to jail Winn tells Alex to tell Maggie to lay off Guardian, but since Alex is a bad ass detective she starts asking questions and the next thing we know Winn is snitching on James. He makes Alex promise not to tell Kara, and she reluctantly agrees. This whole thing makes me wonder how long it will be until Kara finds out (probably not that long).

Winn does some research and finds out who fake Guardian is. James finds fake Guardian’s hideout and defeats him. Alex and Maggie conveniently (thanks Winn) show up and arrest the real killer.

  • J’onn isn’t feeling like himself

J’onn is back at work after almost dying last week, but he isn’t exactly feeling like himself. He keeps seeing images of his wife and children dying, he still has the shakes and he feels decentered. Kara tells him it’s because M’gann makes him think home, which sounds negative, but Kara says is helpful for growth.

J’onn’s symptoms get worse and he starts to see white Martians where there are none. He tells Alex to run some tests on him (even though someone should be searching for Kara!) and they find out there’s something wrong with his blood cells. Alex is perplexed by the actions of his cells, but J’onn realizes that this is M’gann’s fault and that she’s a white Martian.

J’onn confronts M’gann and she admits to who she really is. She tries to explain herself but J’onn isn’t hearing it and tries to kill her. At first M’gann fights back, but J’onn beats her and she begs him to do it. For whatever reason, he changes his mind, probably because he realizes he isn’t a killer, and instead locks her up in one of the cells that Mon-El was in after he woke up. M’gann apologizes for J’onn being sick and tells him that it will only get worse, as he is slowly turning into a white Martian.

  • Cadmus kidnappers

Cadmus still has Mon-El and for whatever reason no one is looking for him. He escapes his cell but they show up with Hank. They tell Mon-El if he does not return they will kill Hank and he complies. When Supergirl is headed to stop Guardian, Cadmus hacks into her com and tells her (in what is obviously a trap) that they’ve kidnapped Mon-El and that if she doesn’t come get him he will die.

Kara goes to save Mon-El and runs into who she thinks is J’onn but is actually the real Hank Henshaw who Cadmus has turned into Cyborg Superman (this is probably an acknowledgement to the rumors in season one that suspected the same thing). Kara is captured and finally meets the Cadmus woman aka mama Luthor ak aka Lilian Luthor.

Supergirl asks Lilian why she’s such a xenophobe, she tells Kara it’s because she’s butt hurt that her psycho son is in jail. Her reaction was a lot like those of parents whose children does something awful and instead of looking at their parenting failures they blame everyone else (like Brock Turner’s).

Lilian then blackmails Supergirl by threatening to kill Mon-El with a lead bullet and shoots him in the leg to prove she’s legit. Lilian wants her to max out her powers (like when she fought Red Tornado; see Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6) and Kara having no choice complies. Cadmus then takes Supergirl’s blood and sends her back into her cell. Kara and Mon-El have a heart to heart and he is about to tell her something when they are rescued by Jeremiah! He frees them and helps Mon-El. When they are on their way-out Jeremiah says he’s staying despite Kara trying to convince him otherwise.

Later, at Kara’s, the gang (minus J’onn) are celebrating her freedom (and their negligence, y’all could’ve tried harder to find her) and Mon-El asks Winn and James if Kara is searching for a mate (his words not mine) James looks put off (probably because he spent an entire season building a relationship with Kara and then they break up right after their first kiss, nope I’m not bitter) but tells him that she’s available.

Cyborg Superman gets into the Fortress of Solitude and uses Kara’s blood to get information about Project Medusa.


  • Kara: “I don’t wear a mask” being Kara Danvers IS your mask
  • A BATMAN shout out!
  • Mon-El listens to Beyoncé 🙂
  • Does Jeremiah work for Cadmus? How is he freely roaming around?

Stay tuned for next week’s 4 day cross over event! I know I’m EXCITED!

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Supergirl Recap 2×06

Super Parasitic Friends

  1. Parasites

Environmental scientists find a 10,000-year-old wolf that is still warm, one of the scientists cuts open the presumably dead wolf and stuck his hand in ala Alien and gets his hand eaten. The DEO gets a distress call from the scientists, Alex and Hank fly there to find all of them dead except for the guy who stuck his hand into the wolf.

They take him in and get him patched up. Alex wants him to stay for observance, but he demands to be let go, and they give in. As he leaves a worm crawls out of his mouth and into his ear (I’m not gonna lie, I almost threw up). The DEO needs a better system for people with mysterious health issues, because they are way too quick to let them go.

Dr. Jones (the scientist) is studying his parasite, when his boss comes in and rips him a new one for… working (?) Honestly, this entire conversation seemed over the top and tense for no apparent reason, but the next thing you know he’s getting fired. He doesn’t take it well and let’s his boss know that we (he’s a we now) isn’t going to take it and sucks the life out of his boss, killing him.

Back at the DEO Winn gets some footage from the Environmental scientists’ lab and he and Hank find out that Dr. Jones is the one who killed all his colleagues. Supergirl and Alex go to look for him and find his boss’s dead body instead. When Supergirl tries to stop him, he drains her power from her and becomes stronger, knocking her out.

Dr. Jones goes hunting for someone who tried to get him fired and meets Supergirl and Martian Manhunter instead. He manages to drain both, leaving them in a comatose state. Kara will get better with time, but J’onn needs a blood transfusion. Alex calls M’gann who is hesitant to help because she isn’t really a Green Martian. This of course brings up the question of what happens when a Green Martian has White Martian blood in him. Eventually she agrees and the blood transfusion seems to take, but towards the end of the episode we see a hand tremble, a probable sign for bad things to come.

  1. Guardian

James somehow comes to check on Supergirl in the DEO (again, does this man have like a special press pass? How is he getting in there?) One inside, James tries to step to Winn in a semi non-believable argument about his suit. (It just escalated quickly and didn’t really connect to their situation).

Later, James has finally suited up to become Guardian and helps Mon-El as he is about to get eaten (?) by Dr. Jones. Because James isn’t super powered and has a protective suit his life force isn’t drained and with the help of Winn, he is able to stall Jones before Kara wakes up. When she does, she had the idea to give him Plutonium so he’s overwhelmed by its power and explodes. James and Winn decide to keep Guardian a secret from Kara (she’s definitely going to find out, how does he expect to explain the cuts and bruises he suddenly has?)

  1. Alex out and…

Supergirl is training Mon-El to use his powers efficiently, and she is kicking his butt. Alex interrupts their training to go for a walk with Kara. On their walk, Alex comes out to Kara, who seems to take it well, but Alex is still having a hard time coming to terms with it.

Alex and Kara have an awkward conversation about Alex’s sexuality. Kara is feeling down because she realizes that a lot of their conversations were mostly about her (like this one right now) and that Alex didn’t feel comfortable to fully express/understand herself.

Alex, talks about how in love she is with Maggie (Malex 4eva!) and then they get interrupted by an alien attack downtown. Supergirl realizes its Mon-El who upon being fired from Cat Co, is now a muscle for hire. They get in an argument about Kara’s expectations vs the reality of who Mon-El is.

When Alex goes to find M’gann to help J’onn she runs into Mon-El who is hiding at the bar. Alex lets him have it and tells him to women up and help save the city. He takes her advice and tries to stop Dr. Jones who at this point looks like a skinless giant.

Alex tells Maggie that she has feelings for her (by kissing her!) but Maggie rejects her, letting her know that she doesn’t want to get involved with someone who is still figuring out her sexuality. Alex is crushed (obviously because MALEX), but Kara is there as her shoulder to cry on.

Mon-El who is still working on being a better person tries to help a homeless man and is attacked and kidnapped by Cadmus!

Final Thoughts

A few friends of mine have aired issues about Alex’s coming out process, stating that it didn’t seem organic and a bit out of the blue. While I will always be a champion of #Malex I think it’s a good point to question whether the writers are making Alex part of the LGBTQIA community because it seemed like natural progression, or because they felt like they needed inclusivity.

I touched on this last week but Kara’s frustrations with Mon-El are frustrating. While Kara has a point about Mon-El’s questionable activities (i.e. having sex at work) she is having a hard time deciphering what’s right and what is like her. I hope this is address more fully so she can grow as a character.


  • I love that the bar is a hang out – of sorts
  • Superfriends reference!
  • What do you guys think about the romantic direction they seem to be taking J’onn and M’gann’s relationship (as opposed to mentor/mentee)?

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Supergirl Recap 2×05

Guns, Gala, and Guardians

This week’s Supergirl looks at the idea of letting others be their truest selves… and gun safety. These two themes don’t go together at all, but I like the show’s way of speaking on these important issues week after week. This episode stood out to me particularly because it was less on the nose.

  1. Run of the mill thieves have alien weaponry

A gang of thieves rob a bank right in front of Kara, when Supergirl goes to stop them she finds out that they have alien weapons. After she gets her butt whopped, Cadmus conveniently releases a broadcast proclaiming the dangers of aliens, again.

Turns out Cadmus is the gun supplier (surprise, surprise), and they meet with their gang of thieves to supply them with more weapons. This entire thing was very similar to the way prosperous countries (cough the US cough) give weapons to outliers in regimes they can’t benefit from so they can take over later, these deals also usually end up blowing up in their faces.

After their second robbery and face off with James the gang of thieves has a meeting with the head (?) of Cadmus, (what is this woman’s job title) to demand that she supply them with weapons to rob L Corps Gala, she refuses stating that the Luthors are too big to go up against. The thugs don’t like that and attempt to attack her, but she lets them know she isn’t afraid of them (sans gun) and they stand down.  The L Corps Gala is attacked but it’s okay because Supergirl was invited… as a distraction.

Lena Luthor has a black body field generator (whatever that is) and Winn helps her to set it up, just in time to save Supergirl who is being attacked by three ray guns at once. Maggie brings the thieves in, but just as one of them is about to strike a deal and snitch on Cadmus lady, she … microwaves his brain (?). To be honest I’m not sure exactly what she did, but she did it and he’s dead.

Later, Lena thanks Supergirl for coming to her party, and Supergirl thanks her for saving her. Just as Supergirl is about to leave the Cadmus lady enters Lena’s office and is revealed to be Lena’s mother.

  1. Alex is in love

Alex finds out that Maggie and her girlfriend broke up and it’s all she can talk about, she spends most of the episode trying to cheer her up, which would be normal if it was Kara suffering from heartbreak… but Alex and Maggie met like a week ago.

When Kara is complaining about Mon-El Alex gives Kara some wisdom about letting Mon-El be himself, her advice kind of turns into a pep talk to herself. Alex is about to come out to Kara, when Lena drops by (like a stalker how do you know where Kara lives) to cash in her favor from last week’s episode; she wants to talk to Supergirl to invite her to her fundraiser (for protection), the same one that she already invited Kara to.

Later, Alex FINALLY comes out to Maggie… and then just sort of leaves.

  1. Mon-El gets a job

Kara gets Mon-El an internship with Cat Co and an entire identity as part of her mentorship. He has a bit of a hard time adjusting because he’s not from this planet, and Kara spends part of the episode chasing after him trying to teach him the way of the world. His journey starts off with general confusion but he quickly uses his good looks and charm to get people to do his work and get himself invited to Galas.

After fighting and loosing against of gang of thieves again, Kara finds Mike and James’s assistant in a compromising position. After trying to justify his actions via Grey’s Anatomy (“I saw doctors to this on tv” lol) Kara chews him out. She tells him to get in line or find a new mentor. I totally get her frustration because sex on company property is a no-no, but it also feels like Mike’s bro-ish behavior is just who he is, and while it’s not ideal I don’t think it’s fair to align his assimilation to Kara’s ideals.

  1. James on the way to Guardian

After a run in with a gang of thieves with super weapons, where his father’s camera is destroyed (destroying the old James, symbolism is great), James attempts to be a vigilante. James gets into the DEO somehow (does no one in the DCU believe in locks or security?) And asks Winn a bunch of suspicious questions about the aliens’ weapons case.  He later dons a hood and tries to fight the gang of thieves. He loses and one of the thieves shoots their alien weaponry at a residential building causing it to crumble. James runs inside and evacuates the resident before fleeing the scene.

Winn finds out what James is doing, and he admits that he’s having a conflict of purpose. James tried to coerce Winn into helping him, but Winn refuses, pointing out that James is just human and that fighting in the streets probably isn’t his purpose. He also tells James that the way they both help people is by providing the information powerful people need to fight evil.

After helping Lena Luthor and Supergirl save the Gala, Winn agrees to help James on his vigilante quest.

Questions and Comments

  • How does it make sense to put Mon-El in the work force when he doesn’t know anything?
  • The right time to eat candy is all the time Kara
  • I love Winn as the Edna Mode (or Cisco) of the Supergirl Universe
  • I appreciate the pairing of Mike’s oblivion with his antiquated values, it rings true in many situations
  • Things that exist in the DCU
    • Shonda Rhimes!
    • *NSYNC

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Supergirl Recap 2×04

We Don’t Talk about Supergirl Fight Club

  • J’onn and M’gann

J’onn tries to connect with M’gann using the Martians mean of communication “taking the bond” (giggles) where they share their innermost thoughts and experiences. Seeing as she just met him, M’gann isn’t having it. After the fight club fiasco Alex lets Hank know that M’gann is one of the aliens participating. J’onn and M’gann get into a fight about her, well her fighting, and she tells him to stay away from her.

Hank goes looking for M’gann again to apologize, but he gets attacked and captured by Roulette and her men. Alex, Kara and Winn go on a search for Hank but he’s nowhere to be found and the fight club is gone. Kara uses her connection with Lena Luthor to find the next location for the fight. Lena apparently went to school with Roulette and give Kara the address, with the impending expectation that this favor will be returned. J’onn is forced to fight M’gann in the ring but refuses and he tells her to let go of her guilt for surviving, and she refuses to kill him.

Hank and Megan apologize and Hank tells her that he’s here for her if she needs him. After he leaves her apartment, Megan reveals herself to be a white Martian, a surprise to no one.

  • Alex and Maggie go on a work date

When Maggie finds a dead alien body, she calls in Alex for backup on the case. They realize that the alien was murdered by another alien. Maggie gets an inside tip and the two go on a date… I mean undercover as spectators in what turns out to be an alien fight club. Supergirl comes to break up the fight and gets her but whooped.  Supergirl later confronts Roulette and tries to shut her down, but Roulette isn’t afraid of her because she’s just doing business and she has rich people behind her.

When M’gann refuses to kill J’onn Roulette sends Draaga to finish the job, Supergirl comes to stop him utilizing the tips Mon-El gave her from an earlier talk. After Kara defeats Draaga, Alex and Maggie go after Roulette who is being guarded by the aliens that fight for her. Supergirl gives an inspirational talk (Kara should put inspirational talks under skills on her resume) and the aliens stand down.

Unfortunately, Roulette is set free, because high friends in high places, and Alex finds out that Maggie has a girlfriend much to our (her and my) dismay (more her than mine really, I kind of saw it coming).

  • Mon-El hangs out with Winn

Mon-El is tired of hanging out in a dirty dungeon and being tested as a lab rat. He tries and succeeds in convincing Winn take him out for a night on the town. It turns out Mon-El is a complete frat boy, he ends up in a bar fight and breaks a guy’s arm.

Mon-El realizes that his powers are dangerous for humans, and gives Kara some fighting tips when she faces Dragga. Kara agrees to release Mon-El under her custody because her original job, was to help Clark, which she can now actually do with him.

Questions and Comments

  • Maggie’s line: “You wanna see a dead body” made me think of Kendrick’s verse in Nosetalgia.
  • If M’gann has been on earth for 300 years how long has J’onn been there? Have they been black this entire time?
  • Holo-mom is back! Her moment with Kara was precious, her racist moment with Mon-El? Not so much.
  • Kara using Supergirl as her source is totes unethical Nellie Bly and Alice Dunnigan are probably rolling in their graves.

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Supergirl Recap 2×03

Captain Supergirl: Civil War

This week’s Supergirl talks about immigrants’ aliens with a not so subtle dive into xenophobia.

  1. The President comes to visit

The President is coming to National City and Kara is fangirling hard, especially since the president wants Supergirl to meet her when Airforce One lands. When the president arrives, she is attacked by an alien (whom team Supergirl assumes is our missing Kryptonian), and Supergirl saves her.

The President, who is in National City to sign the Alien Amnesty Act, meets with Hank at the DEO who tells her it’s a bad idea. By allowing aliens to come out of the shadows, Hank thinks that she’s just inviting terrorists to come out and attack, both aliens and human. Hank also points out to Supergirl that people don’t have that much tolerance for difference. Though she and Hank can blend in smoothly, there are a lot of aliens who cannot. This conversation sheds a heavy light on the racism tied into xenophobia and the discussion of immigrants in the United States today.

Anyway, the President signs the bill, only to be attacked again. Supergirl, Alex and Alex’s new detective friend Maggie (more on that later) find the assailant and she reveals herself as an anti-human extremist.

  1. Mon-El is on the loose

The mysterious Kryptonian who was choking Kara last week, freaks out on everyone in the DEO and jumps out of a window without asking any questions. Kara tracks him down eventually and we find out he’s from Daxam a neighboring planet to Krypton whom the Kryptonians hate and have been to war with. Kara assumes that Mon-El is the one attacking the president, when he just wants to go home. Unfortunately for him, it is a desolate wasteland.

  1. It’s James 1st day as boss

James starts off his first day as the new Cat by holding a staff meeting in his office. He tries to keep everything the way it was (so that the turnover can run smoothly) but Snapper, who is clearly new here, interrupts him and in the whitest male privilege thing I’ve ever seen, takes over the meeting.

James is peeved and Kara and I are appalled. The most frustrating thing about Snapper is he’s right most of the time, I agree that the headline is a last part of a news story and that James should be making his own mark while he is leading, but Snapper’s execution is gross.

During their next meeting James shuts Snapper down letting him know who the Captain is now, and tells him if he doesn’t like the way James does things he can go back to unemployment.

  1. Alex Meets a Girl

After the President is attacked by an alien Alex runs into Maggie a detective for the National City PD. The two butt heads in a way that makes you think that maybe… just maybe Alex plays for both teams. Is it just me or is Alex shippable with almost everyone? This possibility increases when Maggie offers to help Alex with her alien search and shows Alex her intel spot, a dive bar that is alien friendly. When the president is attacked again, Maggie tries to take down the alien but is kidnapped. Kara and Alex go to find her and after she is saved Maggie and Alex have a moment, and the live-tweeters start searching for ship names (I’m gonna go with Malex).

  1. Kara learns to write

Snapper assigns Kara to write a Lena Luthor piece in lieu of the President’s Alien Amnesty Act, seeing as Lex was very open on his anti-alien stance. Kara interviews Lena and finds out, much to her horror, that L Corp is creating an alien detection device, essentially outing aliens regardless of if they look human or not (not too distant from the metahuman trackers in The Flash).

Disgusted Kara writes a piece about how Lena is restricting freedoms, but Snapper rejects it, telling her there’s too much bias, and he’s right. It’s not an opinion piece it’s a news article. When she learns that Mon-El is from Daxam her bias changes her tone, and she can report the facts.

This episode looks at a lot of important topics in terms of immigration, race, government involvement, and general civil liberties which is great, but was sometimes too on the nose, which I could’ve done without. A lot of the themes in this episode reminded me of Captain America Civil War, especially Lena’s determination to ID aliens.

Side Notes

Kara’s overall fan girling over the president is adorable.

I’m all for #teamMalex but can we trust Maggie?

Will M’gann be a part of Team Supergirl?

Is the Alien Amnesty Act a good idea?

Are the L Corp detection devices ethical?

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Supergirl Recap 2×02

“The Last Children of Krypton” aka #teamKrypton
This week’s episode starts off in chaos, but it’s okay because Supergirl and Superman are here to save the day. The two put out a fire, stop a burglary and do a bunch of other stuff. It’s a joyful and inspiring experience, and Kara is having #toomuchfun much to a very grumpy Hank’s dismay.
Kara starts her first day as a reporter complete with “reporter pad to take reporter notes” and meets her new boss as Cat secretly objectifies Clark’s behind (#tylerwiththebigbutt). Kara’s new boss Snapper Carr is like every stereotype of a print journalist ever. He’s Perry White meets Jonah Jameson meets that reporter who got defensive when I asked him about his sources once, and he doesn’t like Kara.
Kara invites Clark to sister night (where they watch Veep!) which is obviously not cool, but Alex is trying to be welcoming so she lets it slide. Clark tells Kara that he’s going back to Metropolis because they have crime too! And he misses his girlfriend, but every time he tries to go, there’s another distraction.
Cadmus wakes Metallo and sends him on a Superperson killing mission. Metallo poses as a suicide jumper and then tries to take team Krypton down, which isn’t as hard as one would think seeing as he has Kryptonite in the middle of his chest. Superman and Supergirl escape with their lives, but only barely, as Supes angrily points out to Hank, who conveniently forgot to tell him that there’s a mole in the DEO who is selling Kryptonite.
It seems as if the two are going to fight (which as Winn puts it is both terrible and awesome) but Cadmus interrupts with their anti-alien campaign. Superman and J’onn decided to team up and go to the fortress of solitude, and Winn get to make new super suits for team Krypton.
Kara goes back to work (because a terrorist threat is breaking news) and is shut down by Snapper (who names their kid Snapper?) who tells her that just because Cat hired her doesn’t mean she works for him, when Kara starts to protest he lets her know that reporters earn their jobs through blood, sweat, danger and unpaid internships, which she hasn’t done.
Kara goes to Cat for help, but Cat says no, and tells her to stand up for herself because Kara’s an adult and she won’t be around much longer. Kara automatically assumes that Cat is dying, but she’s just taking a leave of absence (in LA probably). The two have a tearful goodbye that ends in a hug.
Hank and Clark have a heart to heart, and Kara tells Alex that she wants to move to Metropolis with Clark. Alex is outraged by the idea probably because Kara is using Clark as metaphorical training wheels and is afraid to let go and be Supergirl on her own, and mostly because she feels neglected. Kara defends herself stating that Clark is someone who truly gets what it’s like to be her. Their argument is cut short by Metallo.
When team Krypton go to battle Metallo, they find out it’s a distraction. Cadmus has created another cyborg to attack Metropolis, and when they go to stop him they’re too late.
Back at the DEO Alex is still pissed at Kara, and Winn sets her straight, letting her know family isn’t about who owes who it’s about being there. He also lets her know that Kryptonite leaves a residue. The two take a Geiger counter to the locker rooms to find the mole. Upon doing so, Alex sets the mole up and then tries to confront him on her own. Her plan goes sideways when she finds out that Cadmus is in the same location and she’s attacked.
Kara saves Alex and comes to the realization that the super cousins need to utilize the backup she’s had this entire time, because Cadmus assumes that Kryptonians work alone (which Superman usually does, but I guess he’s learning something new today). Superman and Supergirl meet the Metallos and defeat them with backup from Martian Manhunter and Alex in a super suit and Winn’s Kryptonite resisting suits.
Supergirl takes time to say goodbye to Cat, and James (who was gone the entire episode) gets a promotion to Editor in Chief (or CEO? Whatever Cat’s title use to be) temporarily. Kara, learns to stand up to Snapper, by calling him jerk guy (smooth burn) and by producing work that I guess technically isn’t good, but that she can take to somewhere else.
Hank gives Superman all the DEO’s Kryptonite, as an act of friendship I guess, and Winn gets to hug Superman goodbye (I bet Superman gives good hugs). Kara tries to be a comforting source to the seemingly unconscious Kryptonian stranger, but then he wakes up and tries to strangle her!

– Supergirl is #withHer
– Cat’s real name being Catherine is a little boring, I wish it was something else, but it kind of makes sense I guess
– I loved the “a little bird, a little plane” joke, it was cute
– If a jiffy is a form of measurement, what is it measuring?
– Do you guys think Hank really gave Superman all the Kryptonite? Do you think that was a good idea?

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