Supergirl Recap 2×05

Guns, Gala, and Guardians

This week’s Supergirl looks at the idea of letting others be their truest selves… and gun safety. These two themes don’t go together at all, but I like the show’s way of speaking on these important issues week after week. This episode stood out to me particularly because it was less on the nose.

  1. Run of the mill thieves have alien weaponry

A gang of thieves rob a bank right in front of Kara, when Supergirl goes to stop them she finds out that they have alien weapons. After she gets her butt whopped, Cadmus conveniently releases a broadcast proclaiming the dangers of aliens, again.

Turns out Cadmus is the gun supplier (surprise, surprise), and they meet with their gang of thieves to supply them with more weapons. This entire thing was very similar to the way prosperous countries (cough the US cough) give weapons to outliers in regimes they can’t benefit from so they can take over later, these deals also usually end up blowing up in their faces.

After their second robbery and face off with James the gang of thieves has a meeting with the head (?) of Cadmus, (what is this woman’s job title) to demand that she supply them with weapons to rob L Corps Gala, she refuses stating that the Luthors are too big to go up against. The thugs don’t like that and attempt to attack her, but she lets them know she isn’t afraid of them (sans gun) and they stand down.  The L Corps Gala is attacked but it’s okay because Supergirl was invited… as a distraction.

Lena Luthor has a black body field generator (whatever that is) and Winn helps her to set it up, just in time to save Supergirl who is being attacked by three ray guns at once. Maggie brings the thieves in, but just as one of them is about to strike a deal and snitch on Cadmus lady, she … microwaves his brain (?). To be honest I’m not sure exactly what she did, but she did it and he’s dead.

Later, Lena thanks Supergirl for coming to her party, and Supergirl thanks her for saving her. Just as Supergirl is about to leave the Cadmus lady enters Lena’s office and is revealed to be Lena’s mother.

  1. Alex is in love

Alex finds out that Maggie and her girlfriend broke up and it’s all she can talk about, she spends most of the episode trying to cheer her up, which would be normal if it was Kara suffering from heartbreak… but Alex and Maggie met like a week ago.

When Kara is complaining about Mon-El Alex gives Kara some wisdom about letting Mon-El be himself, her advice kind of turns into a pep talk to herself. Alex is about to come out to Kara, when Lena drops by (like a stalker how do you know where Kara lives) to cash in her favor from last week’s episode; she wants to talk to Supergirl to invite her to her fundraiser (for protection), the same one that she already invited Kara to.

Later, Alex FINALLY comes out to Maggie… and then just sort of leaves.

  1. Mon-El gets a job

Kara gets Mon-El an internship with Cat Co and an entire identity as part of her mentorship. He has a bit of a hard time adjusting because he’s not from this planet, and Kara spends part of the episode chasing after him trying to teach him the way of the world. His journey starts off with general confusion but he quickly uses his good looks and charm to get people to do his work and get himself invited to Galas.

After fighting and loosing against of gang of thieves again, Kara finds Mike and James’s assistant in a compromising position. After trying to justify his actions via Grey’s Anatomy (“I saw doctors to this on tv” lol) Kara chews him out. She tells him to get in line or find a new mentor. I totally get her frustration because sex on company property is a no-no, but it also feels like Mike’s bro-ish behavior is just who he is, and while it’s not ideal I don’t think it’s fair to align his assimilation to Kara’s ideals.

  1. James on the way to Guardian

After a run in with a gang of thieves with super weapons, where his father’s camera is destroyed (destroying the old James, symbolism is great), James attempts to be a vigilante. James gets into the DEO somehow (does no one in the DCU believe in locks or security?) And asks Winn a bunch of suspicious questions about the aliens’ weapons case.  He later dons a hood and tries to fight the gang of thieves. He loses and one of the thieves shoots their alien weaponry at a residential building causing it to crumble. James runs inside and evacuates the resident before fleeing the scene.

Winn finds out what James is doing, and he admits that he’s having a conflict of purpose. James tried to coerce Winn into helping him, but Winn refuses, pointing out that James is just human and that fighting in the streets probably isn’t his purpose. He also tells James that the way they both help people is by providing the information powerful people need to fight evil.

After helping Lena Luthor and Supergirl save the Gala, Winn agrees to help James on his vigilante quest.

Questions and Comments

  • How does it make sense to put Mon-El in the work force when he doesn’t know anything?
  • The right time to eat candy is all the time Kara
  • I love Winn as the Edna Mode (or Cisco) of the Supergirl Universe
  • I appreciate the pairing of Mike’s oblivion with his antiquated values, it rings true in many situations
  • Things that exist in the DCU
    • Shonda Rhimes!
    • *NSYNC

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