Supergirl Recap 2×06

Super Parasitic Friends

  1. Parasites

Environmental scientists find a 10,000-year-old wolf that is still warm, one of the scientists cuts open the presumably dead wolf and stuck his hand in ala Alien and gets his hand eaten. The DEO gets a distress call from the scientists, Alex and Hank fly there to find all of them dead except for the guy who stuck his hand into the wolf.

They take him in and get him patched up. Alex wants him to stay for observance, but he demands to be let go, and they give in. As he leaves a worm crawls out of his mouth and into his ear (I’m not gonna lie, I almost threw up). The DEO needs a better system for people with mysterious health issues, because they are way too quick to let them go.

Dr. Jones (the scientist) is studying his parasite, when his boss comes in and rips him a new one for… working (?) Honestly, this entire conversation seemed over the top and tense for no apparent reason, but the next thing you know he’s getting fired. He doesn’t take it well and let’s his boss know that we (he’s a we now) isn’t going to take it and sucks the life out of his boss, killing him.

Back at the DEO Winn gets some footage from the Environmental scientists’ lab and he and Hank find out that Dr. Jones is the one who killed all his colleagues. Supergirl and Alex go to look for him and find his boss’s dead body instead. When Supergirl tries to stop him, he drains her power from her and becomes stronger, knocking her out.

Dr. Jones goes hunting for someone who tried to get him fired and meets Supergirl and Martian Manhunter instead. He manages to drain both, leaving them in a comatose state. Kara will get better with time, but J’onn needs a blood transfusion. Alex calls M’gann who is hesitant to help because she isn’t really a Green Martian. This of course brings up the question of what happens when a Green Martian has White Martian blood in him. Eventually she agrees and the blood transfusion seems to take, but towards the end of the episode we see a hand tremble, a probable sign for bad things to come.

  1. Guardian

James somehow comes to check on Supergirl in the DEO (again, does this man have like a special press pass? How is he getting in there?) One inside, James tries to step to Winn in a semi non-believable argument about his suit. (It just escalated quickly and didn’t really connect to their situation).

Later, James has finally suited up to become Guardian and helps Mon-El as he is about to get eaten (?) by Dr. Jones. Because James isn’t super powered and has a protective suit his life force isn’t drained and with the help of Winn, he is able to stall Jones before Kara wakes up. When she does, she had the idea to give him Plutonium so he’s overwhelmed by its power and explodes. James and Winn decide to keep Guardian a secret from Kara (she’s definitely going to find out, how does he expect to explain the cuts and bruises he suddenly has?)

  1. Alex out and…

Supergirl is training Mon-El to use his powers efficiently, and she is kicking his butt. Alex interrupts their training to go for a walk with Kara. On their walk, Alex comes out to Kara, who seems to take it well, but Alex is still having a hard time coming to terms with it.

Alex and Kara have an awkward conversation about Alex’s sexuality. Kara is feeling down because she realizes that a lot of their conversations were mostly about her (like this one right now) and that Alex didn’t feel comfortable to fully express/understand herself.

Alex, talks about how in love she is with Maggie (Malex 4eva!) and then they get interrupted by an alien attack downtown. Supergirl realizes its Mon-El who upon being fired from Cat Co, is now a muscle for hire. They get in an argument about Kara’s expectations vs the reality of who Mon-El is.

When Alex goes to find M’gann to help J’onn she runs into Mon-El who is hiding at the bar. Alex lets him have it and tells him to women up and help save the city. He takes her advice and tries to stop Dr. Jones who at this point looks like a skinless giant.

Alex tells Maggie that she has feelings for her (by kissing her!) but Maggie rejects her, letting her know that she doesn’t want to get involved with someone who is still figuring out her sexuality. Alex is crushed (obviously because MALEX), but Kara is there as her shoulder to cry on.

Mon-El who is still working on being a better person tries to help a homeless man and is attacked and kidnapped by Cadmus!

Final Thoughts

A few friends of mine have aired issues about Alex’s coming out process, stating that it didn’t seem organic and a bit out of the blue. While I will always be a champion of #Malex I think it’s a good point to question whether the writers are making Alex part of the LGBTQIA community because it seemed like natural progression, or because they felt like they needed inclusivity.

I touched on this last week but Kara’s frustrations with Mon-El are frustrating. While Kara has a point about Mon-El’s questionable activities (i.e. having sex at work) she is having a hard time deciphering what’s right and what is like her. I hope this is address more fully so she can grow as a character.


  • I love that the bar is a hang out – of sorts
  • Superfriends reference!
  • What do you guys think about the romantic direction they seem to be taking J’onn and M’gann’s relationship (as opposed to mentor/mentee)?

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