Supergirl Recap 2×02

“The Last Children of Krypton” aka #teamKrypton
This week’s episode starts off in chaos, but it’s okay because Supergirl and Superman are here to save the day. The two put out a fire, stop a burglary and do a bunch of other stuff. It’s a joyful and inspiring experience, and Kara is having #toomuchfun much to a very grumpy Hank’s dismay.
Kara starts her first day as a reporter complete with “reporter pad to take reporter notes” and meets her new boss as Cat secretly objectifies Clark’s behind (#tylerwiththebigbutt). Kara’s new boss Snapper Carr is like every stereotype of a print journalist ever. He’s Perry White meets Jonah Jameson meets that reporter who got defensive when I asked him about his sources once, and he doesn’t like Kara.
Kara invites Clark to sister night (where they watch Veep!) which is obviously not cool, but Alex is trying to be welcoming so she lets it slide. Clark tells Kara that he’s going back to Metropolis because they have crime too! And he misses his girlfriend, but every time he tries to go, there’s another distraction.
Cadmus wakes Metallo and sends him on a Superperson killing mission. Metallo poses as a suicide jumper and then tries to take team Krypton down, which isn’t as hard as one would think seeing as he has Kryptonite in the middle of his chest. Superman and Supergirl escape with their lives, but only barely, as Supes angrily points out to Hank, who conveniently forgot to tell him that there’s a mole in the DEO who is selling Kryptonite.
It seems as if the two are going to fight (which as Winn puts it is both terrible and awesome) but Cadmus interrupts with their anti-alien campaign. Superman and J’onn decided to team up and go to the fortress of solitude, and Winn get to make new super suits for team Krypton.
Kara goes back to work (because a terrorist threat is breaking news) and is shut down by Snapper (who names their kid Snapper?) who tells her that just because Cat hired her doesn’t mean she works for him, when Kara starts to protest he lets her know that reporters earn their jobs through blood, sweat, danger and unpaid internships, which she hasn’t done.
Kara goes to Cat for help, but Cat says no, and tells her to stand up for herself because Kara’s an adult and she won’t be around much longer. Kara automatically assumes that Cat is dying, but she’s just taking a leave of absence (in LA probably). The two have a tearful goodbye that ends in a hug.
Hank and Clark have a heart to heart, and Kara tells Alex that she wants to move to Metropolis with Clark. Alex is outraged by the idea probably because Kara is using Clark as metaphorical training wheels and is afraid to let go and be Supergirl on her own, and mostly because she feels neglected. Kara defends herself stating that Clark is someone who truly gets what it’s like to be her. Their argument is cut short by Metallo.
When team Krypton go to battle Metallo, they find out it’s a distraction. Cadmus has created another cyborg to attack Metropolis, and when they go to stop him they’re too late.
Back at the DEO Alex is still pissed at Kara, and Winn sets her straight, letting her know family isn’t about who owes who it’s about being there. He also lets her know that Kryptonite leaves a residue. The two take a Geiger counter to the locker rooms to find the mole. Upon doing so, Alex sets the mole up and then tries to confront him on her own. Her plan goes sideways when she finds out that Cadmus is in the same location and she’s attacked.
Kara saves Alex and comes to the realization that the super cousins need to utilize the backup she’s had this entire time, because Cadmus assumes that Kryptonians work alone (which Superman usually does, but I guess he’s learning something new today). Superman and Supergirl meet the Metallos and defeat them with backup from Martian Manhunter and Alex in a super suit and Winn’s Kryptonite resisting suits.
Supergirl takes time to say goodbye to Cat, and James (who was gone the entire episode) gets a promotion to Editor in Chief (or CEO? Whatever Cat’s title use to be) temporarily. Kara, learns to stand up to Snapper, by calling him jerk guy (smooth burn) and by producing work that I guess technically isn’t good, but that she can take to somewhere else.
Hank gives Superman all the DEO’s Kryptonite, as an act of friendship I guess, and Winn gets to hug Superman goodbye (I bet Superman gives good hugs). Kara tries to be a comforting source to the seemingly unconscious Kryptonian stranger, but then he wakes up and tries to strangle her!

– Supergirl is #withHer
– Cat’s real name being Catherine is a little boring, I wish it was something else, but it kind of makes sense I guess
– I loved the “a little bird, a little plane” joke, it was cute
– If a jiffy is a form of measurement, what is it measuring?
– Do you guys think Hank really gave Superman all the Kryptonite? Do you think that was a good idea?

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