Legends of Super Flarrow Crossover

The CW (aka DC TV) did a 4ish (more like 3.2) cross over of all their DC shows. My recap of Supergirl can be found here. I also contributed the Legends of Tomorrow recap, but if you want a recap of the entire cross over from start to finish you can find that here!

Invasion! The Finale

The final tie into the crossover is jammed packed by transitions smoothly from Arrow.

Nate, Cisco, Mick, Felicity and Amaya go back to 1951 to kidnap a Dominator and find out why they’re attacking Earth, while Oliver, Barry, Ray and Sarah go to a meeting with the President. Kara wants to go too (for back up) but Oliver’s masculinity is threatened so he tells her to stay put. And besides me questioning when Oliver became someone who’s afraid of strong women, I’m also confused as to why flipping SUPERGIRL listened to him at all (it stinks of patriarchy).

Caitlin and Professor Stein are trying to develop a way to stop the aliens neurologically, Caitlin calls Stein’s daughter in for help, but he’s stressed because he later plans to erase her from existence.

Amaya, Mick and Star Spangled Idiot (Nate) go to pick up the Dominator while Felicity (who is suffering from the effects of time travel) and Cisco are benched and must stay on the ship. While procuring a straggler, they are met by the government who shoots the alien and them, taking them back to their base.

Cisco and Felicity are freaking out because they now have to save Mick, Amaya and Nate, who are in their cell trying to communicated with the Dominator. They find out that the Dominators are just trying to figure out if the new metas (the JSA) are a threat. The unknown government agents take the Dominator out for questioning, and Nate, Amaya and Mick are rescued by Cisco and Felicity. Cisco convinces the others to save the Dominator and it leaves, but not before Cisco can steal a transponder.

Meanwhile, in 2016 Sarah, Ray, Barry and Oliver are waiting for the president. It turns out their ‘meeting’ is a trap, by the same people who captured Mick, Amaya and Nate in the past. The four of them take out the agents (except for the old guy of course) and find out that the Dominators are threatened by Barry (does that mean that Barry’s the most powerful hero on Earth 1, or does he just mess up the space time continuum AGAIN?) and want him to surrender himself.

Felicity, Amaya, Mick, Cisco and Nate fly back to 2016 and get a call on the transponder from the Dominator they saved. He lets them know that if Barry doesn’t surrender they will deploy a weapon that will kill all metahumans. Barry is willing to sacrifice himself (which, I mean I LOVE Barry, but Wally is Kid Flash so…).

The Dominators are closing in on Earth as a means of leveraging. Cisco uses the transponder to vibe onto the Dominators ship. The Dominator they saved serves them with the Catch 22 of by becoming a hero you create more villains (which eventually become a danger to the universe). Cisco comes to an understanding of Barry’s actions (because now he too has played with time).

Stein’s daughter is struggling with her project, and Caitlin gives Stein some parenting advice. Stein apologizes to his daughter for being a jerk, and she comes to a realization about the weapon.

Barry decides to turn himself in (bye Barry) but Oliver and all the heroes stop him. The Dominators invade earth as a distraction from the bomb they’re about to release. The team fights a small group of Dominators in Central City and Supergirl saves Oliver’s life (because she’s better than him).

Stein has completed his device that will cause pain to the Dominators Barry and Supergirl fly/run around to place it on all the aliens, while Sarah and Cisco are on the wave rider trying to figure out how to stop this bomb from dropping. With the help of the wave rider’s tractor beam and Firestorm they stop they stop the bomb from dropping (Supergirl could have probably helped, but whatever). The Dominators retreat, the President (who is a BLACK WOMAN) honors the heroes and then they have a goodbye/celebration party. Oliver apologizes to Kara for being an ass hat and Cisco gives Kara (and the CW) a way to crossover.



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