Supergirl Recap 2×07

Will the Real Hank Henshaw Please Stand Up

This week’s episode brought us more Cadmus and looked at James figuring this vigilante stuff out. It was pretty good, it moves the story along and answers some questions, I’ve had. However, it felt like I was watching two different shows, Supergirl and black Arrow.

  • Guilty Guardian

Despite Kara’s dismay, Guardian is cleaning up the streets and he’s the darling of National City. That is until a fake Guardian wanna-be kills a drug dealer and everyone thinks it’s him. James tries to desperately clear his name, and Winn starts to freak out. Due to copycat Guardian’s antics, he has a warrant out for his arrest.

In an attempt to help James, and not go to jail Winn tells Alex to tell Maggie to lay off Guardian, but since Alex is a bad ass detective she starts asking questions and the next thing we know Winn is snitching on James. He makes Alex promise not to tell Kara, and she reluctantly agrees. This whole thing makes me wonder how long it will be until Kara finds out (probably not that long).

Winn does some research and finds out who fake Guardian is. James finds fake Guardian’s hideout and defeats him. Alex and Maggie conveniently (thanks Winn) show up and arrest the real killer.

  • J’onn isn’t feeling like himself

J’onn is back at work after almost dying last week, but he isn’t exactly feeling like himself. He keeps seeing images of his wife and children dying, he still has the shakes and he feels decentered. Kara tells him it’s because M’gann makes him think home, which sounds negative, but Kara says is helpful for growth.

J’onn’s symptoms get worse and he starts to see white Martians where there are none. He tells Alex to run some tests on him (even though someone should be searching for Kara!) and they find out there’s something wrong with his blood cells. Alex is perplexed by the actions of his cells, but J’onn realizes that this is M’gann’s fault and that she’s a white Martian.

J’onn confronts M’gann and she admits to who she really is. She tries to explain herself but J’onn isn’t hearing it and tries to kill her. At first M’gann fights back, but J’onn beats her and she begs him to do it. For whatever reason, he changes his mind, probably because he realizes he isn’t a killer, and instead locks her up in one of the cells that Mon-El was in after he woke up. M’gann apologizes for J’onn being sick and tells him that it will only get worse, as he is slowly turning into a white Martian.

  • Cadmus kidnappers

Cadmus still has Mon-El and for whatever reason no one is looking for him. He escapes his cell but they show up with Hank. They tell Mon-El if he does not return they will kill Hank and he complies. When Supergirl is headed to stop Guardian, Cadmus hacks into her com and tells her (in what is obviously a trap) that they’ve kidnapped Mon-El and that if she doesn’t come get him he will die.

Kara goes to save Mon-El and runs into who she thinks is J’onn but is actually the real Hank Henshaw who Cadmus has turned into Cyborg Superman (this is probably an acknowledgement to the rumors in season one that suspected the same thing). Kara is captured and finally meets the Cadmus woman aka mama Luthor ak aka Lilian Luthor.

Supergirl asks Lilian why she’s such a xenophobe, she tells Kara it’s because she’s butt hurt that her psycho son is in jail. Her reaction was a lot like those of parents whose children does something awful and instead of looking at their parenting failures they blame everyone else (like Brock Turner’s).

Lilian then blackmails Supergirl by threatening to kill Mon-El with a lead bullet and shoots him in the leg to prove she’s legit. Lilian wants her to max out her powers (like when she fought Red Tornado; see Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6) and Kara having no choice complies. Cadmus then takes Supergirl’s blood and sends her back into her cell. Kara and Mon-El have a heart to heart and he is about to tell her something when they are rescued by Jeremiah! He frees them and helps Mon-El. When they are on their way-out Jeremiah says he’s staying despite Kara trying to convince him otherwise.

Later, at Kara’s, the gang (minus J’onn) are celebrating her freedom (and their negligence, y’all could’ve tried harder to find her) and Mon-El asks Winn and James if Kara is searching for a mate (his words not mine) James looks put off (probably because he spent an entire season building a relationship with Kara and then they break up right after their first kiss, nope I’m not bitter) but tells him that she’s available.

Cyborg Superman gets into the Fortress of Solitude and uses Kara’s blood to get information about Project Medusa.


  • Kara: “I don’t wear a mask” being Kara Danvers IS your mask
  • A BATMAN shout out!
  • Mon-El listens to Beyoncé 🙂
  • Does Jeremiah work for Cadmus? How is he freely roaming around?

Stay tuned for next week’s 4 day cross over event! I know I’m EXCITED!

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