Supergirl Recap 2×10

Kara has a nemesis

Livewire, a name that we haven’t heard in a while, is being interviewed by a prison shrink ala the Joker and Harley Quinn, and is still despondent and cheeky. While the prison shrink tries to figure Livewire out, a prison guard helps break a prisoner out of prison and then they both taser the prison psychologist and free Livewire.

Malex are investigating the prison break and Kara using her press credentials to get into the cell and ask questions.

Winn gives Suprgirl and Mon-El the rundown one Livewire, and reminds us of episode 1×18 where his ex-girlfriend goes crazy pants bananas and frees Livewire from prison the first time.

In a laboratory somewhere in National City it’s revealed that Livewire is actually being held hostage by some mad scientist type dude who is stealing her powers to build an army.

The DEO gets security footage from the prison and it’s revealed that Livewire didn’t break out from prison, she was abducted. Kara must come to terms with the fact the she wrongly villainized someone (again! Mon-El being the first), but they (Winn) aren’t sure where Livewire is.

Kara arrives and saves Winn, James and Mon-El and it turns out the scientist who was siphoning off Livewire’s powers also experimented on himself and attacked Kara. Livewire in true nemesis form, save Kara (all part of the dance) and escapes.

M’gann has a meltdown

M’gann is right where we left her, in a cell, where she seems to be doing fine until she has a complete break down and starts to scream. Her psychotic break is noticed by the DEO and when J’onn goes to see what’s up M’gann screams so loud the glass keeping her in shatters, and then she faints.

Alex runs some scans on her and can’t physically find anything wrong, she suggests that J’onn mind mend with her, but he refuses, not wanting her to be able to access any of his memories or emotions.

Alex tries to convince J’onn to mind meld with M’gann again and he refuses because she is the focus of his hatred, Alex suggests that he forgive her, because in the long run it’ll be better for him.

When M’gann is clearly about to die, J’onn has a change of heart and agrees to bond with her, Alex and Kara have J’onn’s back, volunteering to assist him if anything goes wrong.

J’onn finds out that M’gann is reliving her past. She’s scared that the other white Martians will find her and kill her. J’onn reassures her that she’s fine and let’s her know that she actually helps him, a green Martian too. She apologizes for lying to him, stating that she just wanted to be his friend.

M’gann who’s feeling much better, thanks J’onn for his help and he decides to let her go but not before M’gann tells him that she was being attacked by other white Martians who are coming for her.

Guardian is exposed

After busting some bad guys, a very tired Winn tells James that they need to tell Kara that they’re Guardian.

James invites Kara to his/Cat’s (I MISS YOU CAT) office to essentially tell her he’s Guardian but when she enters she goes on a tirade about Livewire instead. James insures her that she’s not alone, but instead of acknowledging Guardian’s hard work she decides to lean on newly trained Mon-El.

This rubs James the wrong way, mostly because it feels like (to both him and I) that he’s being  replaced by Mon-El, but instead of sharing his feeling or telling her what he was supposed to tell her, James deflects and their meeting is cut short, by Livewire who is attacking a police station.

After being injured, James is taken to the DEO office where Alex’s checks to see if he has a concussion. Kara is pissed that she is the only one who didn’t know about Guardian (except for Mon-El, but honestly when does Mon-El know anything?) The two argue about his involvement and his safety. Kara is convinced that James will die, and James is frustrated by Kara’s double standards as she’s okay with Mon-El, someone who isn’t a superhero for the right reasons, fighting bad guys because he won’t get hurt. Kara threatens James when he disagrees with her, and the two leave the DEO on bad terms.

Winn lies to the DEO and uses the knowledge of where Livewire is to play the hero with James, Mon-El over hears Winn telling James Livewire’s location and follows him there. The three of the attempt to rescue Livewire and fail getting captured instead.

After being saved by Kara Winn is chewed out by J’onn for insubordination. Supergirl tries to get Winn and James to stop being Guardian but again they refuse. She decides to back down and will no longer try to stop them, but she refuses to support them either.


Mon-El graduates from Superhero Kindergarten

After confessing last week that he wants to be a superhero Mon-El and Kara begin training. Mon-El has improved greatly in his training and Kara thinks he’s ready to go out on the field.

Livewire attacks a few cops in a car garage so Supergirl and Mon-El (who doesn’t have an alternative 3rd name) go to stop her.

While battling Livewire, and her surprise accomplices with similar powers, Mon-El, determined to help Supergirl (instead of following instructions), injures Guardian who arrives just in time to save a police officer but is knocked out in the process. Supergirl removes Guardian’s mask (isn’t there like some unspoken superhero rule that you don’t remove another hero’s masks) and finds out he’s James.

Despite ending her argument with James without a resolution Kara takes his words into consideration. She questions Mon-El and his actions in the garage reprimanding him for not following her instructions. She brings up their kiss from two episode’s ago and Mon-El continues to deny his feelings for her.

Mon-El meets Kara at her apartment later and confesses what we all knew, that he has feeling for her. Kara doesn’t feel the same (really not a surprise here) and Mon-El accepts it saying they should just move on.

I loved the relationship complexities and unsaid things in this episode especially between James and Kara. Though a lot of how James feels about Mon-El has surface value logic, I think a lot of his disgruntle-ness has to do with the way they handled their “relationship” at the beginning of the season. Also, I know a lot of people (probably outside of the Black Girl Nerds readership) ship Mon-El and Kara but I don’t see it, and neither does Kara, at the very most they seem like brother and sister to me. If they do get together (and they probably will) it will be because Kara is lonely and friendless because of the fallout between her and team Guardian and Alex being preoccupied with Maggie, so they probably won’t last long.

I appreciate the juxtaposition of Livewire’s speech and her being broken out of prison. Though cinematically this is something that is used often, it was very well done in that scene.


Does Kara know that Maggie knows that she’s Supergirl?

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