Sweet Virgina Review

Sweet Virginia: A Review

Sweet Virginia is a thriller about a small Alaskan town during the aftermath of murders that takes place there. The film directed by Jamie M Dagg looks at the key players in the town, (including two widows of the deceased, a motel owner, and a sociopathic hitman) and how they deal with the repercussions of these deaths and getting the things, they want.

The main character Sam (portrayed by Jon Bernthal) is a retired bull rider who inherits his brother’s motel after he dies. Sam’s past connects him to Elwood on of the guests at the motel and the film’s villain; it’s a tidbit that is used to tie a few loose ends together but is also forgettable except for the beautifully shot flashbacks interspersed throughout.

Jon Bernthal is a convincing hero. Sam is an all-around good guy, but his character is a bit of a Marty Stu. He doesn’t have any flaws and besides the overwhelming threat of murder that looms over the entire town, he doesn’t really have any other significant external issues.

The theme of getting what you think you want is present throughout the film but is seen more through the lens of the two widows Lila and Bernadette. Lila is caught up in her reasoning for bringing a sociopath into her life, while Bernadette must come to terms with the guilt corresponding to her budding romance with Sam, so quickly after her husband’s death.

In many ways, it is strange that Sam is considered the main character because his decisions do not really carry the film forward. And it could be argued that Lila is the true villain as she is the force that brings Elwood to the town in the first place. However, Lila’s arch feels like a b plot and though she faces her retribution it isn’t in the way one would think.

Christopher Abbott, who plays Elwood shines in this role. His portrayal of a sociopathic killer is spot on and he creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation that is believable creating tension throughout the film. I found myself trying to gauge where his story was going due to his erratic behavior. He was captivating and mysterious even though his desires are very direct.

Altogether the plot of Sweet Virginia is consistent, there are a few scenes that attempt to humanize Elwood that seem out of place.

William and Brooke Blair do a wonderful job of scoring the project, and it’s one of my favorite things about the film. They masterfully incorporate the genre using string instruments. This accompanied with the dark lighting direction create a haunted ambiance necessary for the film.

In its entirety Sweet Virginia does what it’s supposed to as a thriller, it’s captivating viewers inciting fear.

Sweet Virginia premieres November 17th in limited release.

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Brooklyn 99 Recap 5×05

Butt- lympics

This week’s episode takes a deep look at destructive vices and how they come back to haunt you.

The Ham Crate

Terry and Jake want to go undercover in a poker game to catch a big-league gangster, but they need to get the Captain’s clearance, easy right?


Terry and Jake are terrible at poker especially compared to Captain Holt who reveals that he used to have a “bit” of a gambling problem. Jake and Terry completely ignore Raymond’s glaring addiction because they are impressed by his skill.

He tries to teach them, but it becomes obvious that they are hopeless. Captain Holt decides to be “the man in the chair” for Jake by telling him what to do at the poker game he has to win to gain entrance to the bigger one with the gang boss (I feel like I just described a video game). The Captain gets Jake through the first round effortlessly, and Jake and Terry are impressed that Holt hasn’t fallen off the wagon.

Except he has; because once an addict always an addict. The next day Captain Holt is gambling online using three different sources. Terry and Jake quickly realize their mistake (while I roll my eyes with impatience) and try to reign Holt in. They threaten to tell Kevin about his downward spiral and that seems to snap him out it. He apologizes and agrees to never do it again.

But like anyone with half a brain knows, Holt is 100 percent lying, and when Jake goes to the higher stakes poker game, who does he find there, but Holt. Terry and Jake corner him in the bathroom and try to get him to see reason, but Holt brushes them off.

Unfortunately, they didn’t check the bathroom stalls to make sure they were empty before declaring their status as cops, so Holt gets captured by the gangster’s goons. Jake and Terry realize that Holt is missing, after calling him, Jake uses Holt’s tell (contractions) to save him.


This week’s episode of Brooklyn 99 was a little hectic for me, the show had three plot lines going at once, and while I was entertained the two b-plots were unnecessary. Rosa going against Hitchcock and Scully in a sit off was hilarious and I love that she learns to appreciate them, however, the plot lacks substance. It would have been interesting if they tied her decision to spend time with them to her recent breakup.

Amy’s subplot with Charles was compelling and I briefly contemplated recapping it, but it felt out of nowhere. Maybe I missed something, but I don’t recall Charles ever talking about getting a food truck. I love the idea of Amy and Charles having screen time together and think the subplot would’ve been better utilized with them doing wedding things especially considering that the cold open was about Jake asking Charles to be his best man.

Captain Holt’s storyline was the strongest part of the episode. As a self-proclaimed character development lover, it was great to see these demons from both Raymond and Terry’s past. It was also fascinating to know that Captain Holt’s first gambling episode took place while he was in a relationship with Kevin.

The fact that Terry’s left chest is named Eugene is amazing, and I need to know what the right one’s name is.

Favorite quote(s)

“You can stick that sparkler up your butt, I’m the best man!”

“You’re fired, no one works here anymore”

“My mother has a fantastic basement – Title of your sex tape”

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Signature Move Review

Signature Move: A Review

Signature Move a movie directed by Jennifer Reeder is a love story about two women falling for one another while navigating a world of women wrestling and their immigrant mothers.

Zaynub is a lawyer by day wrestler by night, who works with the Pakistani community in Chicago to help with small claims things like finances and immigration advice. After her father’s death Zaynub live and essentially takes care of her mother a traditional Pakistani woman, who is also a shut-in and only finds solace in watching her soap operas and looking for a husband for her lesbian daughter.

Signature Move is visually stunning and does a great job of capturing Chicago and the diversity folded throughout the city.  I love the emphasis on the importance of family especially as it speaks to immigrant families. It’s also exciting to see some diversity in the cast and crew. The chemistry between the cast is strong and every relationship feels genuine. Signature Move also captures depression and the mourning period in an excellent way with the character Parveen. Her loneliness is woven throughout the story and into her daughter’s life.

In terms of editing, the film could use some work, a lot of the transitional scenes are awkward and pull you out of the story. The overall acting of the movie is fine for the most part, but the main character’s situational awareness needs some work. The writer of the movie Fawzia Mirza is also the star and comedically when she hits her mark she does it well, creating a character who is relatable and fun; but when she misses the mark it comes across as awkward and can be distracting.

The movie also touches on a few themes including depression and coming out and I wished they touched on them more especially since they were major factors in the development of the main characters.

Ultimately the film is about figuring yourself out in the midst of fulfilling what is expected of you as well as coming to terms with what’s right versus what’s easier. The movie does enough to hold my attention and the good-naturedness of the entire thing makes me want to root for the creators’ future success.

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Brooklyn 99 Recap 5×04

HalloVeen: Tramp Train

It’s Halloween on Brooklyn 99; if you are just watching the show/reading this recap for the first time

1)    That’s a strange way to get into a storyline you must be hella confused AND

2)    Welcome.

For lovers of the show, we know this means a heist of epic proportions and a winner at the end. Before I recap here’s a list of the last four winners in case you forgot:


Captain Holt



Now let’s get into it:

Everyone on the force (except Gina WHERE IS SHE) is excited and ready for the upcoming Halloween Heist, this year Captain Holt, Amy and Jake allow everyone to participate in the competition instead of just the winners. Just as the competition is ceremonially supposed to start (with the hanging of the winner’s belt from the ceiling), all the lights go out. Everyone freaks out, which is demonstrated by shirts getting ripped open until it is revealed that they have been hacked by Gina in a wolf mask.

She tells them that she has the belt and if they do her chores she will give them a clue to where the cummerbund is. Everyone takes a baby product and gets to work constructing it, or so we think. Jake and Charles meet in a separate office and reveal how they manage to snag the belt. As they are congratulating themselves for a job well done, Charles betrays Jake and handcuffs him to a filing cabinet.

We find out that Charles has teamed up with Terry and Rosa to take Jake Amy and Captain Holt down because they’re always so smug about winning. They take the belt and hide it under something heavy that only Terry can lift, leaving Jake behind.

While being questioned by Scully and Hitchcock Captain Holt is doing some desk peddling that is revealed to be connected to a Rube Goldberg machine that lifts the heavy thing that only Terry (and apparently Captain Holt) can lift enough for Cheddar to snatch the belt from under it. Captain Holt goes outside to retrieve the cummerbund from his dog only to be greeted by a different Corgi.

Jake manages to pay his way out of the handcuffs thanks to fake Boyle (aka Bill) exactly when Boyle comes in to check on him. Jake overpowers Boyle and cuffs him to the file cabinet instead. He then checks the security cameras so he can catch up on what’s going on. Jake realizes that Amy dognapped Cheddar and replaced him, and is hiding the belt in a safe under her desk.

While the Captain is demanding the release of the real Cheddar a swarm of handmaidens (ala The Handmaid’s Tale) begin to circle until Amy yells at them to stop revealing that one of them is Jake. He has stolen the key to Amy’s safe, but when he opens it the safe is empty. Terry put a tracking device on the belt which says the belt is on the move so he and Rosa go to chase after it.

Jake goes into evidence storage where he’s accosted by Amy because they both know the cummerbund hasn’t left the precinct. She finds it in an evidence box. Jake tells her to read it and the next thing you know he’s proposing and I’m crying (love is so beautiful Y’all). Amy says yes, because why wouldn’t she, and the squad is celebrating even though technically no one won the heist.


TBH I’m still crying about this episode because the two cutie cops are getting married and I’m so happy. The Halloween episodes of Brooklyn 99 are something I always look forward to because they embody my favorite thing about the show; sunshiny happiness and good-natured joy.

The mechanics behind the team trying to retrieve the belt in such an extravagant manner seemed a bit exaggerated and clunky but overall it was a strong episode.

Captain Holt’s interaction with fake Cheddar is the second-best part of the episode, his overall disgust is delightful, and him speaking to Cheddar the way one would with a dog and a person is relatable. Apparently, Chelsea Peretti is still on maternity leave (hence Gina’s absence), but I eagerly await her return.

Shout out to the GUTS reference

Favorite quote(s)

“This year belongs to the tramps”

“I know you don’t drink water, you pee once every two days and you went this morning”

“Ya boring!” is a throwback/ reference to what Jake use to say frequently in the earlier seasons

“You’re just some common bitch”

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Brooklyn 99 Recap 5×03

Freedom Feast 2017

This week’s episode deals with Jake and Rosa’s trauma and re-introduction to their civilian lives and how they handle that.

Squat Evaluation

Following his release from prison Jake is assigned to desk duty and like any person with the attention span of a goldfish, he’s losing it. He contests his current situation with Captain Holt, but he tells Jake that since he’s been in a traumatic experience he isn’t ready to go back out in the field.

Jake asks Charles what he has going on and he basically has the perfect case for Jake. Spending time in prison and dating Amy has given Jake better research skills, which he uses to approach the Captain with a loophole (and an inappropriate handshake). To be allowed back on the field, Jake must be evaluated, BUT he can dictate the time of his evaluation by demanding that Holt pick his evaluator.

To Jake’s surprise, Holt agrees and says that HE will evaluate Jake.  Jake and Charles go to the crime scene and they’re having trouble finding clues (there’s no sign of struggled entry). Jake is also having trouble concentrating because Holt is close by taking notes. Jake notices a security camera and through a series of detective work, he finds the theft.

Jake wakes up in the middle of the night because he thinks that they arrested the wrong man. He and Charles go undercover as sneakerhead (that looked like Kevin Federline cosplay) just to discover that they had the right guy all along. Which would be fine, except Jake let the original perp go.

Jake tells Holt that he was right about him not being ready to be out on the field and he suspends himself for two weeks. As Jake is getting ready to leave Boyle and Captain Holt tell Jake that because of his detailed paperwork they were able to catch the thief again and that letting him go was just a bout of insecurity.

However, Jake informs them that they’re wrong, his doubts are not based on his abilities as a cop, but on his knowledge of what prison is like (spoiler alert it’s TERRIBLE). He is hesitant to send someone there if he isn’t 100% certain they are guilty. He’s afraid he won’t be able to arrest people anymore, but Holt redirects his fear and lets Jake know that this discernment makes him a better cop because he will be more accurate and diligent in his work.

Follow the Flan

Adrian comes to visit Rosa at work and to outsiders (us, Amy and Terry) they seem normal, but Rosa is upset because Adrian is acting weird (er than usual). She decides to investigate and discovers bank statements that suggest he’s cheating on her. Amy tells her not to read into it, but the concept of cheating is apparently triggering for Terry because he leads Rosa toward a witch hunt on Adrian.

She borrows Hitchcock’s creeper kit for surveillance and after watching Adrian scream through various activities she sees him head into a restaurant with a female woman. Distraught Rosa’s response to Adrian allegedly cheating is to eat cantaloupe with a machete, and to break up with him, but Amy and Terry (who has gotten ahold of his trauma) try to persuade her otherwise. She talks to Adrian and he reveals that the woman he was with wasn’t his mistress but his Spanish teacher. He was trying to learn Spanish so he would be able to communicate with Rosa’s father; she apologizes for overreacting and the two get back together.

Or so we think.

Rosa tells Amy and Terry that breaking up with Adrian was the most normal she has felt since being in prison, and single life might be what she needs right now. The next night, she breaks up with Adrian and he seems to be fine with it until she walks away from him and we later see his anguish.

I really enjoyed this episode of Brooklyn 99, because it had all the elements that I love about the show. I’m delighted that they took the time to really focus on the trauma and changes that being in prison has on a person. It’s encouraging that a comedy about the police doesn’t take those things lightly. It’s also a big deal for me to see growth in television characters and we see that a lot with Holt and Jake throughout the episode.

With Jake his character’s growth is the focus of his storyline throughout the show, his time in jail has made him more thoughtful about his work, but I also feel like working for Holt and living with Amy has made him a more studious and meticulous person that we don’t really see in the first two seasons. As for Holt, the constant interruption by Jake and Charles are more tolerated and probably expected and I can’t help but think he’s lightened up a little.

I’m sad to see Pimento go if only because Rosa actually seems happy with him. Someone online has suggested that now that she’s single we can see her date a woman, which I think would be cool.


Jake having a feast of all the foods he missed from prison is something I would 100% do

What is the collection of Charles and Jake’s high fives? How many are there?

This might be a dumb question but do they sell single tampons?

How did Adrian get her blood!?


“To sex with Amy!”

“Women be sane” – can we PLEASE make this a thing? Bitches be crazy is annoying


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Brooklyn 99 Recap 5×02

Chasing Amy, Saving Jake

Jake’s best prison life

We open with Jake being put in the hole (street talk for solitary confinement) for spitting a cookie in a guard’s face, which is impressive to the prisoners but to me is a waste of a perfectly good cookie. As he’s being thrown in solitary it turns out his act of rebellion was planned so he would have time to give the Warden an update on Romero.

Jake tells the Warden about a delivery Romero is coming in soon and as a thank you, he gets to spend five days in solitary to save face. Jake’s five days end and he’s sent to the warden’s office where he chastises him because his tip was a bust. There’s nothing in the shipment but toiletries. The warden demands that Jake figure out where Romero is hiding his drugs or he’ll out Jake as a snitch.

Jake tries to get closer to Romero, but he shuts that down and gives him a step by step guide of what he does with snitches (it involves a lot of death). Jake decides that he’s going to use his police skills to find the drugs (because duh) and figures out low key by accident, that the drugs are in the soap.

Jake tells the warden about what he learned and leaves his office hoped up on Blizz (formally known as meth). Romero notices that Jake is coming out of the warden’s office and questions him. Impressed that he could face the warden high on meth, Romero agrees to let Jake in the inner circle of his drug ring, much to Jake’s dismay because Romero will link his incoming confiscation to Jake’s newfound knowledge and promptly castrate and kill him.

Jake’s fears are correct, and Romero confronts him out in the yard. He goes to shive him, but like a real friend Caleb steps in between them and saves Jake. Jake is released from prison (and death) because Hawkins is arrested (see below). Before he leaves, Jake stops by and thanks Caleb for saving his life. Caleb responds by trying to eat him.

The Pigs

Amy is in the library judging the shelving of the books to release stress when she’s approached by Seamus Murphy a nefarious gangster who tells her he can get her proof about Hawkins, but she’ll owe him a favor.  She tells the team about Seamus’s proposal and they all agree it’s a bad idea. She’s distraught because she thinks they’re running out of time and ideas but they refuse his offer anyway.

Holt suggests they use Seamus’ tip about the diamonds to catch Hawkins. Amy realizes that Hawkins has two phones, and the 99 tries to figure out a way to get a mirroring app on her phone to see what she’s up to. Charles suggests that they get her to visit prison because they make you leave your phone outside. They ask Rosa to request a visit from Hawkins so they can put the plan in place, but she refuses because she hates her.

After persuasion for Holt and Amy, Rosa agrees but she gives them a time limit of three minutes because if she must talk to Hawkins any longer she’ll snap, break through the glass and kill her. They execute the plan perfectly, but Hawkins is on to them and when they go to bypass her pick up they find out it’s a diversion.

Later, Captain Holt says he realizes something odd about Faxton Hill Farms and they go to check it out. Terry finds the missing diamonds in the pigs and they manage to arrest Hawkins. The squad celebrates Rosa and Jake’s freedom, but it’s revealed to us that Holt cashed in on Seamus Murphy’s information and now he owes him a favor.


The second half of The Big House, ended a little rushed just as I expected it would. Jake’s departure felt a little chunky, and I know I said last week I enjoyed them not deep diving into Rosa’s time in prison, BUT I felt like this week the show was lacking Rosa screen time. The fact that Hitchcock knows what Snapchat is and uses it regularly feels like one of those jokes I as a millennial am supposed to find annoying but personally, I’m enthralled by it, if not a little skived out.

Straight Holt is the worst, but funniest Holt

I really want to listen to the episode of Boyle’s podcast that Terry was on

What does twinsies mean? Was he referring to circumcision?

Where is Gina?

I don’t know how to play chess (no comment). So, I’m just going to assume Captain Holt’s chess burn is really funny

Favorite quotes

“Your past is straight up nightmare”

“Imagination is never the solution”

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Brooklyn 99 Recap 5×01

Beef Baby’s Out for Blood

Brooklyn 99 is back! Jake and Rosa are still in prison ☹ but the crew is doing everything they can to prove their innocence and set them free.

We open with Charles (and his really bad hair dye), Amy and Sarg sad and stressed about their colleagues’ predicament (same) when Jake walks through the doors! It is quickly revealed to anyone who watches this show that this is really Charles’s dream sequence because Jake only wants to hug his best friend, and he wins an all-expense paid trip for him and a male colleague to Disney World.

Beef Baby

Back in reality, we see that Jake and Rosa are in prison, but Jake is excited because after three months he gets visitation and he finally gets to see Amy and Charles again. When they reunite the three talk about his case and how desperately he misses them. His visit is cut short due to a fight out in the yard, causing the prison to go on lockdown and forcing all the prisoners back inside, crushing Jake’s spirit, and mine.

Jake is still devastated by his visitation being cut short, so his roommate suggests he gets a phone. Jake’s roommate Caleb introduces him to Romero, a gang leader who has access to the outside. Through a long complex system of trading (it was honestly delightful to watch) that ends with ramen, Jake gets the phone but he and Caleb are kicked out of protective custody for having outside soups.

Jake and Caleb are freaking out because the general population isn’t going to respond well to a cop and a child eater. Jake decides the only way he’ll be safe is if he joins a gang, and decides to pitch himself to every gang in the prison. This doesn’t end well, obviously, but as a last-ditch effort, he decides to pitch himself to Romero (the guy that got him the phone) despite the warnings from about Romero’s notoriety throughout the prison.

Jake goes for it anyway, and Romero has taken a liking to him. In order to join the gang, Romero tells Jake he has to kill a guard, which is clearly a problem for Jake, so he tries to negotiate and strikes a deal with Romero that he’ll get the guard fired instead. Jake has Caleb secretly record as he gets beaten up by a guard so he can send it to Boyle and have the video go viral. Through a series of mishaps (most of it being Jake viciously beaten) they manage to get the video, but just as Jake is about to send it, they get caught by the warden.

The warden questions Jake and asks him to join Romero’s crew and be his snitch. Jake refuses until he realizes that he can bargain for his phone back. Later, while talking to Amy, Jake gets a warning from Romero that he better not betray him, or he’ll face the consequences.

Favors for Rosa

Meanwhile, Terry and Captain Holt go to see Rosa and are trying different ways to comfort her. She asks them to do a couple of outside favors and because of her predicament, they agree. Unfortunately for them, Rosa doesn’t hold back and she as them to do a myriad of things like type up and email her graphic and sexual letters to Pimento, and make sure her bike “stays fresh” by riding it daily.

Holt and Terry go to visit Rosa again, reporting that they have taken care of all her tasks. So, she asks them to do a few more, these much more ridiculous than the last. Holt refuses, telling Rosa she’s asking too much from them, and she agrees. Rosa admits that she was taking advantage of them because she wanted them to treat her normally; she’s in an awful predicament and wants some sense of normalcy in her life during that time. Holt and Terry apologize and agree to treat her the way they usually would.


I’m so glad the show’s back! I appreciate the reoccurring look at the horror that is prison conditions, and that they don’t really focus on Rosa’s experience because she straight up tells us what is happening. Plus, we explored what women’s prisons are like in an earlier season with Amy. Also, as I am sure frequent watchers would agree, you don’t need to question how Rosa would fair in prison.

Jake’s roommate being a cannibal whose victims are children, is so out of left field and dark, that him being portrayed as a nice dad next door type (that prefers the term woodworker) makes it even funnier.

Captain Holt playing the gay card and thus calling out the heteronormative expectations to start and or have a nuclear family just because he doesn’t want to ride Rosa’s motorcycle is actual brilliance.

I’m assuming that the storyline of Jake and Rosa being in jail will end after Big House Pt.2 per usual episode formula, which I’m not sure how I feel about because I enjoy Caleb, regardless of how twisted his crimes are and because I’m concerned the storyline of their release may come across as rushed (it IS a 30 minute show), plus Andy Samberg’s prison beard is hot (don’t judge me).

Favorite quote(s)

“I’m bleeding because my piece of crap son in law bit me”

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TCS 3×13

End of the road

The last episode of The Carmichael Show gives us one last roast of Bobby as we discover new information about Maxine.

Bobby is bringing his new girlfriend home to meet his family and Cynthia is on edge. She wants this girl to feel comfortable because Bobby has historically been bad at relationships. She’s also on edge because they know nothing about her.

When Bobby shows up everyone is taken by surprise because his girlfriend… is really old. So old that Cynthia calls her ma’am. She can’t stay for dinner however because she has some business to attend to.

Everyone roasts Bobby. Mostly because they cannot fathom WHY Bobby would date someone who made it through the great depression. That is until Jerrod sees the Rolex on Bobby’s wrist. It turns out Bobby’s new girlfriend is rich AF. Due to Jerrod’s jealousy (and his parents’ ignorance), everyone assumes that Bobby is a gold digger and changes their tune towards Janet, except Jerrod who lambasts Bobby for selling his soul for money (clearly, he’s jealous).

Jerrod goes on his infamous rant (for the last time) and tells them all that the person with the most money in a relationship have the most power. Maxine challenges him, by pointing out that Jerrod makes the most money but he only thinks he has all the power because she didn’t tell him about the 1.5 million dollars she’ll inherit when her grandma dies.

The next day Maxine returns to her apartment after a run and Jerrod has slipped and fallen in the deep end of the irresponsible spending pool. Maxine is annoyed and instead of challenging her like he usually does, Jerrod becomes obedient to her every whim, Maxine tells him she needs a break from him and he goes to visit his parents.

Joe and Cynthia are celebrating that both of their sons are gold diggers, and the promise of riches has made them obnoxious ingenuine people, and Jerrod realizes this, snaps out of his fake rich stupor and decides to go back home.

He goes home and apologizes for being an ass hat and begs Maxine to make sure he doesn’t get any of her grandmother’s money (what if Maxine dies?) and even though it’s kind of extreme she agrees.

Later that day Joe and Cynthia stop by to kiss Maxine’s butt and Jerrod tells them not to bother because he won’t be getting any of her money and neither will they. Disgusted they leave.

The next day Bobby reveals at the Carmichael’s house that he and Janet broke up because she found out that he is still married to (how?) and living with Nekeisha. She told Bobby they can’t be friends anymore and he chose Nekeisha over her.


This wasn’t the strongest series finale I’ve ever seen, but then again they didn’t know the show was ending. They could have ended with Jerrod and Maxine getting married without telling anyone (aka the previous episode), but I enjoy this concept of Maxine ending with a win. I feel bad for Bobby because he really did seem to have feelings for Janet, but I would have loved to explore him choosing Nekeisha over her, and the fact that legally they are still married.

Episode Winner

Everyone, this is the last episode guys! I’m still in shock about it if I’m being completely honest. The Carmichael Show was really dynamic and had a similar concept as All in the Family without the grumpy racist old man (Joe is grumpy, and out of pocket sometimes but he was open-minded about a lot of things). All in the Family had nine whole seasons. The Carmichael Show is a lot funnier (don’t @ me) so there’s no legitimate reason for this show to be canceled, but if I’ve learned anything is that I don’t get nice things.

I’m not really concerned about the actors because Tiffany, Jerrod and Lil Rel are on a strong come up, Ashley’s going to be in Ghosted, and Loretta and David are legends.

So, goodbye beautiful and vibrant show, you deserved better than us.

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TCS 3×12

Three-year threesome

On their three anniversary, Jerrod and Maxine run into a girl and Jerrod thinks she wants to have a threesome with them. Maxine thinks he’s crazy but he makes a move on her on their behalf (because Maxine’s actually okay with it) and the girl is down.

The next morning the girl they slept with won’t leave and they can’t figure out what to do about it. Jerrod blatantly kicks her out after Maxine tries to nicely get her to leave. His family stops by and pries into the tension between Maxine and Jerrod. Unfortunately for them, Jessica (the girl they slept with) comes back because she left her bra.

Jerrod goes to get it while his family tries to figure out what went down. Bobby (ever the detective) deduces that the two had a threesome with the random girl who stopped by. His parents roast Maxine because they’re uncomfortable with what has happened (hello double standards); Maxine is fed up (finally) and kicks them all out of her apartment.

This starts a fight between Jerrod and Maxine and she tells him that he needs to be better with his feelings and stand up for her (shout out to last week’s episode). Jerrod tells her he can’t and that essentially, he’s a bad boyfriend. She rebuffs his lazy comeback with the fact that he was caring and selfless during their threesome. Jerrod makes the analogy that Maxine wants him to treat her like they’re having a threesome all the time (considerate and not selfish), and for some reason, this is mind-blowing to him (smh).

He decides to stand up for his woman (finally) but first, he tells her to dress up so that they can do something spontaneous and romantic.

Later they end up at his parents’ house and Jerrod yells at his family for the way they treated Maxine. Then they announce that they got married. Cynthia is disgusted, but everyone else is delighted.


So if I’m being completely honest this episode was a little jarring, if only because it gives us a deep look into Maxine and Jerrod’s relationship outside of the conversations/arguments they have with their family. There have only been a few episodes that have stood out to me that specifically talk about Maxine and Jerrod’s relationship. Some of the jokes fell flat for me and I think that’s because the sharp transition into a threesome caught me by surprise.

Episode Winner

Jerrod’s winning face is honestly hilarious to me mostly because of his shit-eating grin. Plus the analogy that he needed to make to understand how to be a better boyfriend is so ridiculous that I had to give it to him.

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TCS 3×11

Going to college at any age

This week’s episode looks at college and following your dreams and (*sweats heavily*) making important decisions about your future.

Bobby electrocutes himself at work and ends up at the hospital. While there he runs into an old classmate (his doctor) and starts to reevaluate his life. He decides that he’s going to attend college. Everybody thinks it’s a bad idea except Maxine who chastises everyone for never supporting Bobby. Cynthia and Joe defend themselves pointing out that some people just aren’t made to go to school, and that their actions were in order to protect Bobby.

Maxine rebuffs them and tells Bobby that he can do anything he sets his mind to and he is touched by her support. She’s 100% behind him until he says he’s going to be a therapist, just like her. Maxine is put off but pretends to continue to be supportive. Jerrod is gleeful about this turn of events and tries to push Maxine toward the truth; that she isn’t okay with it.

The next day, Joe and Cynthia come over to Jerrod and Maxine’s apartment and they’re annoyed with Bobby’s newfound confidence because he wants them to co-sign on a student loan… at 34. The loan also has a 30% interest, which if you’ve ever had a loan of any sort you know is egregious. They ask Maxine to tell Bobby that going to college is a bad idea but she refuses. She still believes in him (or so she says) and doesn’t want to be the one who crushes his dreams even if they’re wrong.

Nekeisha comes in shortly after and tells Joe and Cynthia that they (they being her and Bobby) are going to have to move in with them because Bobby quit his job to go to college. Everyone looks to Maxine and she reluctantly goes to the Carmichaels house to destroy Bobby’s spirit. After a very round-about and sad conversation, Maxine tells Bobby that maybe being a therapist isn’t for him. Bobby is offended and explains in very eloquent detail that he wanted to be a therapist because much like Maxine people are drawn to his emotional intelligence. Maxine (and honestly I am) is impressed and tells Bobby to ignore her previous statement because she believes in him.

She goes back into the living room and describes in detail the harrowing difficulty of her job and that she’s confident that Bobby can do it. Upon hearing EVERYTHING that Maxine has to do Bobby changes his mind and decides to become a barber instead.


This episode resonates on a lot of levels because running into old classmates can be deflating especially when you aren’t where you need to be. Also, for a while, I was under the assumption that the only way to a successful and fulfilling life is to go to college, and that’s not the case. College isn’t for everyone, and honestly, I don’t think Bobby is one of those people.

That being said the characters on that show treat Bobby terribly, but he’s apart of the trope of the down on his luck guy that’s kind of the punching bag. I really appreciate this show looking at the concept of emotional intelligence which Maxine and Bobby have a lot of, I also love what this says about Jerrod and more specifically about his relationship with his older brother. Despite his disregard for Bobby, in some ways dating Maxine demonstrates some of the characteristics that he admires.

Episode Winner

Nekeisha calling college a scam won her this episode. She was only there for two scenes and I laugh both times, shout out to her and her trumpet.

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