Supergirl Recap 2×22

Nevertheless, She Persisted

This season finale actually snatched my edges, I’m really proud of the writers for stepping up even though they forgot to include James.

Lena’s Learning curve

Lena is busy day drinking away her guilt and probable PTSD when Lilian stops by. She let’s her daughter have it for trusting some rando (say not to strangers girl) and Lena politely reminds her that Lilian’s lack of faith and support is why Lena doubted herself and searched for validation from strangers.

She (Lilian) apologizes and gives Lena a gift that she found in Lex’s vault. Lex created the device to get rid of Superman and Lilian thinks that Lena can use it to save the day.

Lilian and Lena call a meeting with Supergirl and Superman to let them know that Lena has figured out a way to stop the Daxamites with Lex’s device. By releasing lead into the atmosphere the Daxamites would leave, but it would mean none (ie Mon-El) could ever return.

Winn is helping Lena with the machine and she finishes it. Lilian snatches the machine and attempts to turn it on without consulting anyone, and nothing happens. Lena reveals to her mother that she gave Supergirl the activation remote for the device so only she can turn it on.

Supergirl: Ultimate Warrior

We start the show with an epic (if not a bit dramatic) fight between Superman and Supergirl. Rhea has used silver Kryptonite to control Superman who thinks that he’s fighting Zod, not his cousin. Supergirl manages to beat Superman and then promptly blacks out.

Kara is having a dream about her and Mon-El in bed and when she wakes up she’s in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman wakes up after and she fills him in on what happened to him. Supergirl, Superman and Alex look for something in the Fortress of Solitude that can help them, getting what they need and the three fly back to the DEO.

While Winn is fanboying over Superman Kara fills Mon-El in about them finding Dacom-Or in the Fortress of Solitude and how she intends to use it. Mon-El is not having it and that’s because Dacom-Or is a one on one battle and Kara plans to battle Rhea.

The Daxamite ships are preparing for another attack when Supergirl calls Rhea and challenges her to battle for the safety of the Earth, Rhea accepts. Mon-El throws another hissy fit because the fight is on and he doesn’t think she’ll win. Superman sets Mon-El straight by reminding him that Supergirl beat him in their fight.

Alex goes to check on J’onn as does M’gann (hey girl hey!) and she gives him a pep talk from 54.6 million kilometers away (Mars). J’onn wakes up and looks for M’gann but she’s nowhere to be found.

Cat is back behind her desk, in her office, shouting orders when Kara and Cat’s fantasy bae Clark stop by. Cat asks Clark to tell James to cool it with the Guardian stuff.

Supergirl and Superman fill the DEO in on Lena’s fail-safe plan, J’onn sends Winn to help Lena. Kara (who is determined to win this fight, for the sake of her boyfriend) asks Superman to spar with her so she can be prepared. In the middle of the sparing match Kara has an existential crisis because she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to have it all (she might be right? Is this the show creators way of telling us she never will?)

Supergirl and Rhea meet up, establish the terms of their fight, and get to it. Midway through their fight, the Daxamite ships start attacking National City. Mon-El, Superman and Martian Manhunter go through the streets saving innocent civilians and defeating Daxamite soldiers in the streets. M’gann arrives on earth to help and brought a bunch of White Martians with her.

Supergirl falcon punches Rhea and she starts to bleed… Kryptonite. Due to Krypton’s destruction/pollution, Rhea’s physical chemistry changed (as pollution is prone to cause). Her Kryptonite blood gives Rhea an advantage and she starts beating Supergirl. Supergirl regains the upper hand but Rhea is unfazed because even if she dies the Daxamites will continue to attack Earth.

The Daxamite ships reposition themselves so that they are targeting safety zones and Supergirl realizes she has no choice but to enact Lena’s fail-safe Daxamite be gone spray. Mon-El tells Kara it’s fine and she pushes the button. The Daxamites flee quickly leaving Rhea and Mon-El behind. Rhea dies a quick and dusty death, but due to his long exposure to the Earth’s sun, Mon-El’s death is slower. Kara thinks of a way to save him though, by bringing him back to the pod he arrived in. They say good bye and I love you for the first time, and then Mon-El escapes certain death.

National City is celebrating not dying but Kara is depressed because her bae can’t come back. Clark tries to comfort Kara by admitting that he wouldn’t be able to choose the betterment of mankind over Lois and proving that emotionally men are weak.

J’onn thanks M’gann again for helping and she proceeds to tell him about other White Martians she’s found who have regrets and they kiss.

Alex goes to talk to Kara, but Kara is inconsolable. She tells Kara she’s proud of her, and Kara tells Alex to hold tight to Maggie. Alex takes this literally and proposes to Maggie who says yes! (AHHHHHHHAJFHJEHbvakhahbf)

The next day Kara goes to talk to Cat, but she’s still sad about what’s his face. Cat can see Kara’s depressed and gives her a pep talk. After the news reports a fire Kara conveniently remembers something she forgot to do and leaves.

Cat tells her to go and then tells us that she knows Kara is Supergirl (*que more screaming*). Meanwhile Mon-El is flying through space when a wormhole opens and sucks him into… something (the Phantom Zone? The 31st century? A multiverse?) At the same time Kara is on Earth fly-crying.

We get a flashback to when Krypton was dying and we see Clark and Kara being shipped off again. Then we see another baby (?) being put into a pod by some nefarious looking Kryptonians.

Wooo, what a finale. I enjoyed how they wrapped things up with the Daxamites, and not just because Mon-El left. I’’ admit it was a little clunky, but I got through it for the most part. I don’t think the finale needed this much M’gann in the episode it was kind of distracting in contrast to everything else happening. The writers could’ve left it at her waking J’onn up, giving them room to explore more next season.

Talking about the fact that James wasn’t in this episode AGAIN is tiring. I find it hard to believe that of all the writers in that room, no one could think of a subplot for him. Next season I need the Supergirl writers to do better, and stop doing to James what Arrow did to Laurel.


  • I bet the DEO wishes they kept some of their Kryptonite during the Supergirl v. Superman fight
  • How did they get into the Fortress of Solitude if she blacked out?
  • The Cat not seeing Star Wars is a nod at Callista Flockhart being married to Harrison Ford
  • Warworld reference!
  • J’onn and M’gann make me so happy!
  • I’m annoyed that we got cheated out of Cat meeting and reading Mon-El
  • Kara: Everyone in my life is in a relationship

Me: except James

  • The she’s who persisted:
    • Rhea: determined to destroy Earth, even after she dies
    • Supergirl: for trying to appeal to Rhea’s humanity, even at the end
    • M’gann: found White Martians that were like her
    • Lena: for doing the right thing, even with evil around every corner

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Supergirl 2×21

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy (but we teamed up anyway)

This week’s Supergirl gives us Rhea trying to conquer Earth and Earth trying to stop her; plus Cat is back! So I’m excited.

We start with Lena waking up on Rhea’s ship. Rhea tells Lena that she wants to remake the Earth (not sure what that means, maybe weed out the people she deems unworthy) so that it is worthy of her (her being Lena), but Lena isn’t having it.

National City and the DEO are being attacked and Maggie and Alex are out there being the truest of heroes.

Mon-El and his mother hash it out while she tells him her plans. In order to make the Daxam takeover go smoothly she wants Mon-El to marry Lena (LMAO). Mon-El is put out and I can’t see how Rhea thought that would be a thing that works.

Team Supergirl (everyone but J’onn who’s still decommissioned from last week’s episode) is huddled at the bar (with no name) trying to make a plan when Lilian shows up. She wants to help take Rhea down, since it IS kind of her brand, but team Supergirl isn’t having it since she’s hi-key evil, and tell her to get out. She asks Kara to call her if she changes her mind.

The president has boarded Air Force One and is headed straight for Rhea and her ship (who okayed this? Shouldn’t she send military personnel?). She tells Rhea to stand down, but Rhea isn’t having it. Cat has somehow found her way aboard Air Force One and steps in on the President and Rhea’s confrontation. She tries to broker peace while being shady and Rhea blasts Air Force One out of the sky.

Supergirl flies in and catches Cat who is free falling through the air. When the two land Air Force One is destroyed, but the President emerges in her alien form.

President Olivia (thinks of Scandal, chuckles) tells Supergirl her survival story and then promotes Alex to acting director of the DEO as J’onn is out of commission. She orders her to shoot down the Daxamite super ship with a Positron Cannon, and Supergirl is amiss because her best friend and Mon-El are on the ship.

Rhea wants Lena and Mon-El to hurry up and get married so that they can go ahead and make her some grandbabies. Lena is completely disgusted by this thought (same) and refuses again. Rhea is unbothered by Lena’s defiance because she has stolen a lock of Lena’s hair and Daxamites can create children through gene splicing.

Since, the threat of theoretical children doesn’t change Lena and Mon-El’s minds, Rhea threatens to destroy the children’s hospital if she doesn’t get her way; Lena and Mon-El agree to marry one another.

Kara’s still upset that Alex is going to blow up the ship with Lena and Mon-El on it. She gets a pep talk from Cat, who tells her to do what she needs to do. Supergirl takes that to mean ask Cadmus for help and that’s exactly what she does.

Alex is not happy about Cadmus being involved, but Team Supergirl and Cadmus make a plan to save Lena and Mon-El.

While Super Gadmus (Supergirl + Cadmus) carry out the plan to get on the ship, Rhea is marrying Mon-El and Lena. Cat is in her rightful place (her desk) distracting Rhea and instilling hope throughout National City with a live broadcast. Furious, Rhea postpones the wedding and sends her goons after Cat.

Meanwhile Supergirl, Lilian and Cyborg Hank manage to sneak onto the ship. They are fighting their way toward Mon-El and Lena, and Lena is helping Mon-El and herself escape. The two groups meet up and Lena is honestly surprised that her mother cared enough to save her.

Well, Lilian only had plans to save Lena and uses the trans matter particle to escape with Lena and Hank, leaving Supergirl and Mon-El behind. Since Lilian is typical, Winn and Kara had a back-up plan in the event that Lilian would leave them stranded. They enact the back-up plan but Kara only sends Mon-El because she thinks she can relate to Rhea’s humanity.

Kara finds Rhea and tries to have a heart to heart with her but Rhea’s not having it. Alex is stressed because the President wants her to blow-up Rhea’s ship but Kara is still on board. Before she can decide between her sister and her country, something blows the Positron Cannon up. Back on the ship, Kara is attacked, when she looks to see who did it, it’s revealed it’s Superman.

This was a really good episode, like to the point where I don’t really have any complaints. I’m surprised that it isn’t the season finale (there’s enough suspense to keep me engaged until next season) but I suppose they need to utilize Tyler Hoechiln while they have him.


  • Daxamite gear looks a lot like Guardian’s gear
  • Alex jumping from the building was the best part of the episode
  • I thought Rhea’s plan was to go back to Daxam? Why colonize Earth? Why not take Lena and Mon-El and go?
  • When did Guardian get a gun?
  • I appreciate the well earned Bill O’Reilly shade
  • When Supergirl called Cyborg Hank R2D2 all I could think of is how proud Winn would be
  • Lena seems to be oscillating between two extremes when it comes to mother figures in her life and their alien beliefs. Rhea (alien trying to preform global domination) vs. Lilian (anti-alien extremist)
  • I need someone to create a spinoff show of Alex and Maggie being badass DEO agents
  • Cat knowing James was Guardian was beautiful, also there’s no way she doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl


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Supergirl 2×20

 Issa James Episode

After months of me complaining, the Supergirl writers throw me an old dry bone and give James a black episode… sigh, let’s get into it.

James’ Nephew

A lady is walking down an alley when she is cornered by two men who try to rob her. Guardian arrives, beats the bad guys up and saves the damsel. James however is dismayed because instead of gratitude the woman is terrified of Guardian.

The next day, still distraught James is taking a rainy stroll through a farmer’s market, and Winn is stalking him. Winn realized the night before that there was something off about his friend and has followed him to find out “what’s up?”

While they are talking about how James wants to inspire people and not incite fear a “hostile telekinetic” (Winn’s words) with a great twist out starts attacking the farmers market.

James manages to save a few people but Supergirl arrives and stops a pickup truck from being thrown into a building.

The DEO recognizes the assailant as a Phorian, an alien race that isn’t often combative. James volunteers to help the DEO but J’onn shut that down seeing as the DEO is a top secret government organization and you need training to be out on the field.

Later that night, Guardian stops a drug deal and the buyer knows where the Phorian woman lives. Guardian goes to her house to investigate but the only thing he finds there is her son. The kid starts to freak out, but James unmasks himself to show the little boy that he won’t hurt him.

The little boy (named Marcus) is brought into the DEO where he’s being interrogated by Alex, she keeps asking but the child is a strong believer in the golden rule – no snitching. Alex figures out that Marcus has bonded with James and they task James to get him to talk.

James brings Marcus to Cat Co. as a way to bond. He tells him about all the cameras he’s collected and then starts telling Marcus about his dad and how he died. Marcus tells James that he too lost his dad in a similar way.

James sends his assistant Eve to get milkshakes and curly fries and when she comes back she interrupts Marcus when he’s about to tell James where his mother is. While James and Eve are talking Marcus has a telepathic meltdown out of nowhere and destroys Cat Co. Everyone is too distracted to see Kara change into Supergirl and fly Marcus out of the building. In Supergirl’s arms, Marcus snaps out of it, and is completely confused as to what happened.

The DEO puts Marcus in a containment cell to nullify his powers. James is downtrodden because he wasn’t as helpful as he hoped. Despite his feelings, Hank suggests that James take another go at talking to Marcus. The two have an in-depth conversation about feeling like you don’t fit in, and letting others into your life.

James asks Marcus again if he knows where his mom is, and he shows him and Winn. Winn has brought along a device that will stop the Phorians from having telekinetic episodes. They find her in an abandoned warehouse, but she isn’t alone. There are around 25 other Phorians with her. Do to Rhea turning on the transmatter ray fully, all the Phorians freak out at once, and Winn’s device can’t help them all. James puts himself in danger by figuring if he can reach Marcus, Marcus will be able to reach everyone else and they’ll stop.

After some very dramatic yelling, James is able to get through to Marcus, and saves the day.

Lena’s Mentor

Lena and Kara are having lunch and talking about boybands as best friends do, when Lena gets a call from her mentor Rhea (yikes). Lena is super excited about having this positive female role model in her life that actually cares about her (for once) and Kara tells Lena that she’s excited to meet her work partner when the time comes.

That night Lena and Rhea are having dinner and Lena is bummed because the trans matter ray isn’t working. After being ousted as an alien last week Rhea’s new story is that she needs the trans matter ray to get home, but she’s also sold Lena this idea that the trans matter ray will help make the earth a better place.

Rhea leaves the restaurant and at the same time Mon-El is walking down the street eating ice cream (#getyouamanwhocandoboth) when he runs into a guy because he thinks (and is right) that he sees his  mother. When he looks up, Rhea is gone and Mon-El is shaken.

The next day, Lena is still frustrated as she works on the trans matter ray and Rhea gives her a pep talk. They test it again and it works.

Due to the melt downs that the Phorians are having the DEO investigates where there are high shifts in atmospheric energy; one of those places is the L Corps testing facilities so Kara gives Lena a call. When she does, Rhea picks up the phone and tells Kara that everything she’s about to do is Kara’s fault.

Rhea turns the trans matter on fully and Kara, Mon-El and J’onn go to stop her. Lena can’t turn the device off, and Supergirl and Rhea get into a fight; knocking Lena out in the process. Whatever Rhea sent for is about to come out of the trans matter portal so Supergirl goes to stop it while Martian Manhunter continues fighting Rhea. She stops him however, with a device she got from a White Martian that controls green ones.

Rhea seems to be winning when Mon-El pulls out a gun (where did he get a gun?) and threatens to kill her. She calls his bluff though, and he doesn’t do it. Rhea announces that Earth will become the new Daxam and all the ships coming through the portal, are full of Daxamites.

I have a lot of feeling about this week’s episode. While I am super happy about James having an episode focused on the importance of representation everything felt very on the nose. Supergirl writers have taken the necessary steps to shine a light on important issues (immigration, sexism, President Agent Orange etc.) so a race based episode isn’t surprising, but this episode felt unfinished? I don’t know something didn’t feel whole for me.

I love the idea of Rhea being a mother figure for Lena especially considering the toxic relationship she has with Lilian. I realize that people are frustrated because it’s putting Lena in a position where she is aligned with evil (again) when all she’s trying to do is be good. Also, attacking Lena’s blatant mom-issues is obvious for Rhea, but I think it’s one of those things where it’s kind of hiding in plain sight.

The most frustrating thing about this episode was James’s dissatisfaction with his life. His desire to inspire others can literally be fulfilled by his career. James is the standing CEO of a major news conglomerate. Telling people’s stories and standing up for the truth is inspiring. I’m sure Cat Co. has a lot of spaces for inspiring puff pieces that James can take special interest in. THE PHOTOS James takes are inspiring, I’m more than positive Kara told him that on numerous occasions last season.

I know CW shows have an issue with continuity so I try not to get to hung up on them, but it feels like Supergirl completely forgets that James has this amazing job with so much responsibility; either that or I’m crazy and it’s not actually his job in the first place.


“Clark’s scary friend” – Batman reference!

Kara’s OTP being Britney and Justin (LMAO)

Why is James’s office so brown?

Is Phorian a planet of brown people with telekinetic powers? Can I move there? Where are my comics about this place!? DC get to it. If you need help writing it, let a girl know!

Why was there animosity between J’onn and James? I understand that J’onn is trying to adhere to the professional secrecy demanded of the DEO but he was doing a lot.

The FX at the end of this episode were terrible lol – probably because they had to use that money to pay Terri Hatcher.

I like Lena’s would you rather question – Would you rather have NSYNC do a reunion or Britney and JT back together?


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Supergirl Recap 2×19

Where’s Waldo: Supergirl Edition

This week’s Supergirl takes a page from Saw when Alex is kidnapped and Maggie and Kara team up to save her.

Maggie V Supergirl

Maggie and the NCPD (National City Police Department) are dealing with a hostage situation when Supergirl saves the day. Later the two meet at Alex’s apartment for dinner and Maggie is pissed, because Supergirl moved in without considering the cops. Kara doesn’t see what the big deal is, since Supergirl got the job done, and no one had to die.

Maggie and Kara get into a fight, Kara gets really annoyed (classic) and storms out. Alex goes after Kara to talk her down from her angry cliff, and tells Maggie not to wait up for her.

The next day, Maggie visits Cat Co looking for Alex who is not at work or at home. Kara gets a call from a random stranger demanding that she release Peter Thompson out of prison or Alex will die.

The DEO (ie Winn) can’t find Alex or trace the call on Kara’s phone. Maggie, J’onn and Kara go to visit Peter Thompson in prison to get some answers. He says doesn’t know anything but since Kara is impatient she goes all bad cop on him getting super aggressive. J’onn reads his mind and finds out that he was telling the truth and indeed knows nothing.

Winn thinks that Peter’s son Rick Melvern is behind all of this. Rick, it turns out grew up in Kara’s home town. Kara flies to Rick’s old home and finds footage of Alex trapped in a cage, along with Rick.

Rick is brought into questioning and he reveals that he’s been stalking Alex for a year. After that day when Kara saved that lady from that car crash in middle school (see Se1 Ep17), Rick knew she was Supergirl. He wants to free his dad because he saved him from an abusive household when he was younger.

Maggie brings in Peter so Rick can let Alex go, but it turns out Rick’s a lot smart than Maggie thought and recognizes that Peter is J’onn.

Meanwhile, Alex MacGyver’s her way to helping the DEO find her (using a credit card, a belt and a security camera). Kara rushes into the interrogation room and tells Maggie that Winn found Alex. Rick doesn’t seem perturbed by this and tells Kara not to go there.

Maggie tells Kara that something seems off, but in typical Kara fashion she doesn’t listen and goes to find Alex. It turns out that Alex is not where they think she is, and instead of saving her, Kara makes it worse, as water starts to flood the box Alex is in.

Alex and Maggie talk via video chat and Alex seems to think she’s going to die. They have an emotional moment talking about their firsts before the computer breaks. Maggie’s tells Kara off for not listening to her.

Rick talks Maggie into breaking his father out of prison and she complies. Kara realizes this and goes to stop her. Supergirl talks Peter into fathering his son. They ask Peter if there’s anywhere his son would’ve taken Alex, and he gives them the address of the warehouse (?) she’s in. Maggie and Kara find Alex just as she’s about to drown, and save her.

Lena’s Lunch with Rhea

Rhea is posing as a human to trick Lena into building a transmatter portal, which she has pitched to Lena, since L Corps has the funding and scientific space to fully build it.

The two go to dinner where they talk about Lilian and Lena’s relationship as well as Rhea’s with Mon-El (though Rhea doesn’t tell her Mon-El is her son). Rhea manages to twist the story so Kara is the bad guy as an attempt to further connect with Lena.

It seems to be going well, but Lena can tell there’s something off about Rhea. Later, at her office Lena uses her alien detector (from season two, episode three) to determine what she already knew; Rhea is an alien. She outs her, and tells Rhea she isn’t going to help her and kicks her out.

Rhea shows up at L Corps again, in her normal clothes to reconcile. Rhea still thinks they’ll make a good team (conveniently leaving out the fact that her son is Mon-El) and leaves Lena to think about it.

Lena calls Kara to ask for advice about Rhea (which hahahahaha) but due to the Alex crisis, it’s not a good time for her, and she tells Lena she’ll call her back.

Lena calls Kara back to make bunch plans, and to check up on her. She tells Kara she no longer needs her advice and it is revealed to us that she has decided to go into business with Rhea.


This episode was enjoyable, not so much because of the story but the character development. Despite Rick being an entertaining villain, there was no suspense. At no point was I afraid for Alex’s life. Rick was great however, I enjoyed him being one step ahead of everybody, and thinking everything out so meticulously.

I like Kara the best when her anger management and impatience flair up. In past episodes her anger management was a little harder to believe but this one made her reaction and urgency believable. Kara was the most human here, and I related to her more than any other episode.

I also appreciate that despite the position she was in, the show stays true to Alex, allowing her to still be a bad-ass.

I’m kind of over Lena being put in these positions where she’s used by villains for their own means. The direction for her and Rhea’s story line is pretty obvious, and I’m curious as to whether Rhea (probably) outing Kara as Supergirl (I’m predicting the second to last episode of the season) will be the catalyst that causes Lena to become evil (hopefully, this just strengthens their relationship).

I’m not going to lie, I thought Maggie or Alex would propose at the end, but I love yous are nice too!

I wonder if how Rhea described what happened between her, Kara and Mon-El is how she really sees it, or if she was just lying to build Lena’s sympathy.

Kara is terrible at police work

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Supergirl Recap 2×18

My Super Best friend’s Robot ex-boyfriend

Aaaannnd we’re back… again. To be honest I feel like I have typed this sentence or some semblance of this all season. I don’t know if it’s The CW or just the writers, but I’m kind of sick of the breaks. Any who let’s get into it.

James, Winn and Lyra

Guardian is in the street kicking butt and taking names (does Supergirl just leave lower level crime to the police and James?). He returns to the Guardian van where Winn (who is suppose to be his extra set of eyes) is busy making out with his girlfriend. Winn suggests that Lyra can be another form of help and James isn’t having it. After some begging and pleading from Winn, James agrees to let Lyra help.

On their next mission, Guardian is stopping a robbery when he finds out the thief is just a kid. He holds back, but Lyra (who, friendly reminder has super strength) does not, and starts attacking him, believing he should be punished. James stops her and lets the young thief go.

After the disaster that was their last mission Winn calls Lyra to the bar to tell her that they are kicking her off team Guardian. She doesn’t take it well, and makes a scene before angrily leaving.

Later, James apologizes to Winn for what happened with Lyra and he invites Lyra back on the team.

Snippy Snapper

Supergirl is super bored because she doesn’t have a job (been there friend), and there’s nothing for her to save. Lena stops by to visit Kara, and asks her to go to this press conference, because her ex is going to be there (somewhere in the distance Lara shippers are crying).

Kara runs into Snapper who is snippier than usual. Lena’s ex (played by iZombie’s Rahul Kohli) presents nanobots that have the ability to cure human ailments. Kara and Snapper have a showdown when the press are allowed to ask questions and Snapper takes it upon himself to interrupt Kara mid-sentence. She stands him down and gets her question out there but Snapper’s disdain for Kara is evident.

Later, Lena and Jack make plans for dinner and Kara gets word of a possible flaw in BioMax’s ethical practices, she agrees to meet her “Deep Throat” later.

Kara meets with her “Deep Throat” (his name is Joe) and he tells her that there are no records for the human trails for BioMax. Just as he’s telling Kara that the nanobots are dangerous, the nanobots fly into the car and blow it up, killing Joe in the process.

Kara goes to James for help filing a Freedom of Information Act request (because you know he’s the acting EDITOR IN CHIEF) and of course Snapper comes out of nowhere and has a hissy fit.

Snapper has a meeting to interview one of the people who allegedly was a part of the BioMax human trials. The guy admits that he didn’t really do anything but put his name on a list. While they are talking a swarm of BioMax nanobots comes through the guy’s window and… eats him? (look I’m not really sure what happened and I watched the episode twice, he’s there and then he isn’t). Luckily Supergirl (more like Super-stalker amiright) saves Snapper from also being eaten and the nanobots get away.

Frustrated Kara goes home where Mon-El is reading on the couch (who taught him to read?) She has no leads and two people are dead. Mon-El suggests that Kara use Lena as a lead, and instead of waiting, Kara crashes her date with Jack.

Upon leaving the date they weren’t invited to, Mon-El manages to steal Jack’s work key card (which as a bio-tech company you would think BioMax would have more body based security i.e. retinal scanners). Kara and Mon-El get into Jack’s office undetected and look up the human trails. Just as her whistle blower said there are no records of human trails but there are records of Jack testing the nanobots on himself. They download the information, but their actions do not go unnoticed and they are attacked by the nano-swarm.

The next day Kara tells Lena what she found and Lena asks Kara not to say anything before she can talk to Jack. Kara asks Lena to stay away from Jack because he is potentially dangerous. Kara goes to Snapper to help him with his article, and apologizes for going behind his back three episodes ago. Through Snapper, Kara realizes that Jack might not be acting alone in these nanobot killings and excuses herself from their impromptu meeting.

Lena (who’s really good at following directions) goes to confront Jack and he’s hella confused. It turns out that Jack is being controlled by Beth (Spherical CFO). She does the whole supervillain explanation thing (amateur) and then decides to use the nano bots to control Lena as well so she can get control over L Corps. Lena tries to talk some sense into Jack, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Luckily (and obviously) Supergirl comes to save the day.

The nanobots grab Supergirl and procced to slowly kill her, leaving only Lena free to figure out what to do. She finds the override information in the mainframe but if she kills the nanobots Jack will die as well. She chooses to save Supergirl… because duh, and Jack dies.

Kara comes the visit Lena the next day to give her condolences. Later, still distraught Lena is cleaning up getting ready to leave when she is visited by Rhea (Mon-El’s mom) with a business proposition. And Snapper gives Kara her job back (FINALLY!).

This episode was pretty okay in terms of plot but did a lot to move the entirety of the Supergirl story forward as a whole. While I’m relieved that Snapper gave Kara her job back he took over for Mon-El as annoying white guy who flaunts his privilege.

Usually, I give Snapper a pass because when he’s being obnoxious he is also making important commentary about journalism. This episode? Not so much. Treating Kara the way he did was sexist (blatantly interrupting her while she tried to gather her thoughts) and childish (holding a grudge for something that happened presumably like a month ago (I don’t know the time lapse on this show). And his disdain for her being at the press conference because she was working freelance is elitist.

While I understand that Kara’s actions when she got fired where unprofessional, a betrayal of his trust and probably a breach of contract, his actions in this episode were inexcusable. Also, I’m sure I’ve said this already, but the way Snapper addresses James IS NOT okay. I’m assuming that Snapper is coming from a place of longevity seniority, but he would NEVER treat Cat like that, so what in his mind makes it okay to disrespect James?


Who’s paying Kara’s rent?


Shout out to the alien girl with the fish fins on her face who reacted exactly as I would during the Lyra and Winn bar scene.

Beth: Behind every great man is a woman

Lena: I wouldn’t know I’ve never stood behind a man


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Supergirl Recap 2×17

This week’s episode really drives home this theme of Kara and Mon-El’s “forbidden” conflicting worlds relationship theme, almost pulling a Romeo and Juliet in the process.


To make up for being an ass-hat last week Mon-El has stepped his boyfriend level up to like 98% (which probably means they’ll be together for a while) and makes her breakfast. They spend some time together before getting interrupted by an alien attacking the city. Kara beats him (obvs) but when they get back to the DEO they find out that there’s a hit out on her.

J’onn benches Kara from helping in the search to find out who is trying to kill her because it’s too dangerous. Mon-El asks his parents to meet him at his job and then proceeds to straight up accuse them of taking a hit out on Kara. They deny it, and beg him to return to Daxam, again.

Meanwhile, at Kara’s apartment, Kara, Winn and James are playing Settlers of Catan (which seems pretty boring with just three people) and Kara is going out of her mind with boredom. Mon-El shows up and tells the others about him questioning his parents. In the middle of them dissecting whether Mon-El’s parents are their perps, Mon-El is attacked mentally by a telepath that forces him to attack Kara. The two fight and Guardian jumps in (and is promptly shoves out) to help. Winn catches the telepath with a stapler, and they bring him in.

J’onn and the telepath have a telepath off and J’onn wins, the other guy caves and reveals that the Daxamites were the ones to set the bounty.  Everyone thinks they should attack their ship, but J’onn shuts them down because the President ordered him not to get involved with the ship.

Kara and Mon-El are cleaning the window he broke when Mon-El suggests they run away like Romeo and Juliet (because theirs is also a forbidden love story GET IT) Kara shuts him down by letting Mon-El know that the two die at the end (spoiler alert!) and suggests strongly that they should talk to his mom.

Mon-El contacts the ship and they meet up with his mom in the Fortress of Solitude. Mon-El asks his mother to call of the bounty, for the sake of their relationship, but Mama Daxam isn’t having it, Kara gives an inspirational speech (so on brand) but Rhea still isn’t having it and attacks Supergirl with a Kryptonite sword.

Kara tries to fight her, but is stabbed again, Mama Daxam is ready to kill her when Mon-El stops her by agreeing to go back to Daxam to save Kara’s life. Kara flies back to the DEO and fills J’onn and Alex in on what happened. She wants to go and save Mon-El’s life, but J’onn forbids it as the plan goes against the president’s orders.

Mon-El demands as condition for his return that his parents need to be better leaders. His parents disagree with him, his mother so much so that she sentences him to ship-jail/time out until they get to Daxam (in four years).

Winn recalculates the portal from episode nine so that they can be transported on the Daxamite war ship. Supergirl and Winn show up, Supergirl to distract Rhea and Winn to break Mon-El out of jail. Supergirl and Mon-El’s mom fight and she tries to stab her only to reveal that “she” is Martian Manhunter. Winn breaks Mon-El out of jail and Kara goes through the portal to help J’onn. Mon-El’s parents, Supergirl and J’onn fight, with Rhea determined to kill Kara. Mon-El and Winn go to help them, and in a snap decision Mon-El breaks a window in the ship causing a vacuum that almost sucks his parents into space.

Mon-El’s dad realizes that his son chose his girlfriend over them and lets Mon-El go much to his wife’s dismay. J’onn gets chews out by his boss (the President) for not obeying her orders but he isn’t fired. It’s revealed (again) that the president is an alien.

Mon-El’s parents are looking at Earth as they fly away. And Mon-El’s mom tells his dad that he has betrayed her, his family and his planet. He tells her that they’ll work through it and that he’s still by her side, and instead of thinking maybe he’s right… she kills him, and vows to return to Earth.

Malex and the Ex

After going to a yoga class (relationship goals tbh) Maggie and Alex run into Maggie’s ex, Emily on the street. Maggie and Emily have a semi awkward conversation when Alex has the (terrible) idea to invite her girlfriend’s ex to dinner with them so the two can catch up, to which Emily agrees.

Maggie and Alex arrive for their dinner date with Emily, and she is 45 minutes late. Alex is embarrassed because Emily totally bailed and because she was really hoping that Maggie would get closure.

Alex finds Emily and tries to find out why she bailed on dinner. Emily divulges that the reason her and Maggie broke up was because Maggie cheated. Alex (and frankly I) are shocked, and leaves Emily standing there.

Alex confronts Maggie for lying and her tendency for keeping things to herself. She lets Maggie know that she doesn’t have to be guarded with her, and the two make up right before Kara interrupts them with a call for help. Later, Alex makes Maggie apologize/ get closure with Emily and the two go on their way.

This episode… this episode wasn’t particularly captivating but that doesn’t mean it sucked either. The purpose was clearly to establish a new “big bad” with Rhea, which if that means more Terri Hatcher so be it. I can’t decide if this overwhelming theme of Romeo and Juliet in relation to Kara and Mon-El is foreshadowing or an attempt to make us care about their relationship, but I don’t. I have accepted the fact that we’re going to have to deal with them being together (which… fine) but I really need the writers to do something with Kara’s career, and with James.

They have done so much with Winn, Alex and J’onn this season, but James is still a two-dimensional character that has barely been fleshed out. As for Kara’s career, if Mon-El actually does love her he’ll encourage her to do more with her life, and I’m saying this as someone who was unemployed for two months.


Mon-El cooking Kara breakfast was very stay at home dad like

Maggie’s ex looks A LOT like Alex, meaning Maggie has a type

What was Alex going to do with the wrench?

Apparently, I have been spelling Daxam wrong this whole time, for that I’m sorry

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Supergirl Recap 2×16

This week’s episode explores who you were verses who you’ve been by giving insight into pre-Earth Mon-El and the reality in Winn’s relationship.

All Mon-El’s lies

The Danvers sisters are hangout with their respective baes in their respective apartments, when there is a broadcast over the television from Mon-El’s parents demanding he be freed. The DEO locates Mon-El’s liberators and he claims (lies) he’s never seen the ship that his parents are on. Supergirl goes to meet them and gets bubbled before she retreats.

Mon-El asks the DEO to stand down as he intends to relinquish himself (so brave, so noble, such a liar). As he is getting beamed up, Kara hugs him getting snatched up in the process (I’m not going to lie, it was low-key cute). Everyone on the ship bows to Mon-El and we meet Lois Lane I mean Mon-El’s parents and find out that Mon-El is the prince of Daxxom (insert sarcastic gasp of surprise here).

His parents are so delighted to see that their son is alive that they invite Kara (you know a Kryptonian, their natural enemy) to dinner. At dinner we discover that Mon-El’s parents are essentially President Orangutan Bum, and that Mon-El lied about all of his past, including, how he escaped Daxxom. Kara is disgusted because her boyfriend is high-key garbage and leaves the dinner early.

Kara tries to help Winn with his Lyra problem to avoid her relationship issues but her friends and her sister know better, suggesting that she sit this one out. Alex tries to get Kara to forgive Mon-El signifying that there might be more to his story then she knows.

Mama Daxxom stops by the DEO unannounced (which is kind of rude?) and asks Kara to let/tell Mon-El to go back to Daxxom with them so that their planet can start over. Kara who clearly isn’t in the forgiving mood tells Mon-El to take responsibility to make Daxxom better and reunite with his family.

Later, Kara and Winn talk about why he forgave Lyra (which is totally different then Kara forgiving Mon-El he was in a place of privilege and left people to die, she was trying to survive) and whether she should forgive Mon-El.

Kara goes back to her apartment and Mon-El is there brooding. He’s there ready to tell her the truth before he leaves Earth, the truth being how much he loves her. Kara asks him if he was ever going to tell her the truth and he says he doesn’t know so she breaks up with him.

Mon-El returns to his parents’ ship but refuses to go back to Daxxom with them, telling them to go home and never come back. As he has grown up and moved past their antiquated ideas.

Winn’s Con Artist Girlfriend

While the DEO is dealing with the Mon-El issue, Winn is playing hooky with Lyra. She talks him into breaking into the National City Art Museum so that they can have sex amongst the art (how Renaissance – esque).

Maggie calls Winn into the National City Police Station because someone stole Starry Nights from the museum he just broke into. Since Starhavenites… (?) don’t show up on camera, it looks like Winn was in the museum by himself on the security cameras, making him the number one suspect.

Maggie thinks Lyra set Winn up, but he refuses to accept this, and gets 24 hours to clear Lyra’s name. It turns out Lyra has a record of setting up her “boyfriends” and stealing valuable art. Winn finds and confronts Lyra and she admits to playing him. She tries to get away, but Winn brought back up (Guardian and Alex) and she gets caught.

In DEO custody, Lyra tells Winn the reason she tricked him was because her brother is being held hostage by art stealing gangsters. Despite her tragic backstory J’onn won’t help her brother, because he’s intertwined with a bigger DEO case. Winn foolishly decided to take matters into his own hands and frees Lyra from the DEO.

Lyra and Winn show up to the drop of point for the art she stole. They gave the art dealers fake art, and the art thief boss threatens to kill them when Guardian comes in as backup. James losses the fight and is about to die but the DEO, lead by Alex busts in and catches them. It turns out that this was Winn’s plan all along (because he’s a smart cookie) and Lyra reunites with her brother.

Lyra plans to leave, (because their relationship was a shame) but Winn tells her he still has feelings for her and they kiss before she walks away.

A Musical Crossover

Later, Winn talks to Kara about the crossover device she got from Cisco. Winn thinks he and Cisco would be good friends (AND THEY WOULD OMGAHgjhajhafs) and Kara thinks about taking an interdimensional vacation after her breakup.

The DEO has a morning meeting (for the first time ever lol) to announce that their new prisoner (Musicmaster) will be coming through to be detained (what a great transition). Musicmaster announces that he’s been looking for Kara, and hypnotizes her, he grabs the interdimensional thing to search for Barry and Kara faints, still under his spell.

She wakes up as a 1920s lounge singer and beings to sing on The Flash.

I really enjoyed the overall themes of growth and seeing things as they really are in this episode, Mon-El as a character has grown and changed drastically since the start of the season, and this episode really demonstrated that. Him lying was a sort of catalyst of the lies he told when he got there. Unless Mon-El’s parents are going to be transitioning into villains’ this was essentially a filler episode. I’m not sure how I feel about Lyra being this secret art thief, while it does make her a more interesting and dynamic character, I would love it if the Supergirl/Arrowverse writers would realize that you don’t have to destroy a relationship to make it better. On again, off again relationships are exhausting and annoying.

I also just wanted to be noted that though I HATE Karamel with the passion of… our sun, I like Mon-El as a backdrop of basicness. Kara and Mon-El’s relationship is problematic, but not only because Mon-El spent most of it lying to her. It’s the situation create that caused the lie that’s the problem. Mon-El lied to Kara because she judges him harshly, mostly because she’s expecting him to backslide into the guy she first met, and because she expects him to hold true to the stereotypes she holds close about his people. Kara wants Mon-El to be something he’s not.

Mon-El is trying to desperately to be who Kara wants to be, because he loves her, and that’s sweet in theory but he is changing because of her not for himself. I agree with Alex and Winn, Kara needs to see Mon-El’s point of view and while I love the thought of them breaking up, I don’t think she should’ve broken up with him on this episode.


Are DC properties legally allowed to reference Marvel (Winn mentions She-Hulk)? Or is She-Hulk a general term?

“To Make Daxxom Great Again” – Mon-El is a descendant of trash

You would think after all he’s been through Winn would do a background check on his girlfriends

Super friends are back!

EVEN MON-EL’s MOM knows he isn’t good enough for Kara!!

LMAO at the guy demanding Hamilton tickets as a bribe. Which are impossible to get even on Earth 38

When did Winn become a relationship expert?

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Supergirl Recap 2×15

This week’s episode is a follow up to last week as Cadmus reveals what they intend to do with the National Alien Registry and Kara attempts to write. There are also a lot of strong messages toward the way the US immigration situation is being handled right now.

Alex Davers professional bad-ass

This episode starts off innocently enough (which in truth is the first warning sign) a very white family is on a road trip and the parents are doing a disservice to Bruno Mars as they jam to 24K Magic. They get pulled over and the cop tells them that their tail light is broken and offers to fix it (am I crazy to assume this is a nod to Philando Castile?). Instead of doing that however, he arrests the man and throws him into an unmarked black van. His family tries to escape but are abducted also.

This family is one of 20 that has been kidnapped by Cadmus and the DEO is scrambling trying to figure out what Cadmus is up to and how to stop it.

Alex is still stressing about her dad, she thinks there’s still some good in him, and she wants to make sure he has room for redemption when the DEO eventually takes Cadmus down.

Winn is doing a meet the friends with Lyra and James and they’re super cute together (like they’re my 3rd favorite couple on this show after Jara #keepthedreamalive and Malex). Winn is telling James his plan to keep his relationship thriving when Cadmus blows a hole in the bar and starts snatching up aliens. The only mistake here is there are four badass fighters in this bar (Alex, Maggie, Lyra and James) so the four get in a fight with the agents. They are over powered and the Cadmus agents get everyone including Lyra leaving Winn (and me) distressed.

Back at the DEO Winn is trying to figure out a way to get Lyra back and Alex is burdened with guilt. Though they catch one of the Cadmus guys, J’onn is unable to read his mind. Alex buried under the shame and onus of what her father did, she goes into the Cadmus guy’s cell and starts beating the crap out of him for answers; he refuses and J’onn pulls Alex off of him.

Somehow Jeremiah finds his way into Alex’s apartment while she’s alone. He tells her that Cadmus is going to kill all the people they abducted but he can stop them if she helps him by stealing equipment from the DEO. She agrees without question and he turns into a disappointed J’onn. He thought that Alex’s intentions might’ve been compromised by her emotions, her verifying his fears gives him no choice but to suspend her.

Kara goes to comfort Alex after what happened, and she asks her to get J’onn to put her back on the case. Kara refuses, telling Alex that though J’onn should not have tricked her, he was right in thinking that her emotions have compromised her reason.

Maggie, who has declared herself a ride or die, is willing to help Alex with whatever she needs (hence the name) and the two foolishly decide to take on Cadmus themselves. They find the alien kidnappers under a bridge trying to get another one. Malex rescues the alien and Alex decides that she must go to Cadmus alone (what could possibly go wrong?)

Despite her best efforts, Alex is caught, luckily for her, by her dad. She finds out that Cadmus is sending the aliens back to their homeworlds’ (ala Assaulter in Chief). Alex is disgusted and she begs her dad to see reason. Even though he did save all these aliens from being executed (Lilian’s original idea) he can do more. Lilian threatens him, but in the end, he sides with Alex. He fights with Lilian to hack into the ship and stop it from leaving, while Alex tries to stop it from the inside.

She calls the DEO and asks Winn to help her override the ship, she has no success and the ship begins to take off. Luckily for us and them (mostly them, I would love to see Alex in space) Supergirl stops the ship from leaving the earth’s gravitational pull, and her and Alex share a beautiful supportive moment.

Kara and the Fake News

Distraught Kara wants to find a way to warn aliens that Cadmus is snatching people up. The DEO can’t release a statement so Kara decides to take the matter to Cat Co.

When Kara pitches the story to Snapper, he shuts it down. Kara doesn’t have enough sources and due to #FakeNews and alternative nonsense, journalists now need AT LEAST two sources to have work published at Cat Co. Kara tries to reason with Snapper and tells him she can get him an exclusive interview with Supergirl.

Supergirl and Snapper have their exclusive interview; she verifies that Cadmus is doing mass abductions but she can’t tell him how she knows that (how about from the government?) Snapper low key tries to get Supergirl to whistle blow which she refuses and instead of doing any more journalistic work they both leave, with Snapper refusing again to write the story.

Kara runs into Lena at Cat. Co because they’re supposed to be getting lunch together but Kara forgot. She tells Lena about her writing troubles and asks her for advice (instead of talking to her friend James, who’s just the stupid head of the company). Lena tells her that if Snapper won’t publish it, just do it online yourself, which seems like the advice you get from someone who got their job through nepotism.

Upon learning that Cadmus is abducting people Lena volunteers to help figure out where her mother is hiding. At her apartment, Kara is deciding if she should post her blog piece about Cadmus when Mon-El bursts through the door. He tells Kara to follow her heart because she’s the most moral person he knows (barf), she listens to him and does it.

Despite doing the right thing, and saving her sister from hurtling into space Kara is fired from Cat Co. for posting her rogue blog. Mon-El comes to comfort her and Kara decides she’s fine because who needs a job that fulfills your dreams and gives you strong ties to your humanity when you can just be Supergirl and Mon-El’s girlfriend instead?

I always appreciate a Supergirl episode that shines a light on society’s ills and if you have been paying attention to this show at all you’d would know that the Supergirl writers are big defenders of immigrants. The underlying theme of the mistreatment of immigrants woven into the episode nicely. What didn’t work this week was the inconsistency. Feel free to take a look at the Supergirl recap from the first episode or re-watch it where Kara tells James that she wants to focus on her career and then breaks up with him. NOW she has no career and a boyfriend who she knows nothing about and no career to focus on or advance. And her lack of career could’ve have easily been avoided. Not to mention that one of the head writers for this episode was a woman.


JAMES COULD’VE PUBLISHED THE ARTICLE! He was at the bar when aliens got snatched up! He is the CEO/ Editor In Chief/ HEAD BLACK PERSON IN CHARGE. Kara didn’t have to get fired!!! What nonsense AHHHAJHAUDgdjbawsdh. Writers PLEASE utilize James as a character in a powerful position.

I appreciate the Superman nod to Dean Caine

Shout out to Anonymous who commented on last week’s recap and demanded more James and lo and behold we got more James… now only if the writers would utilize him properly.

Shout out to myself I guess for stating the obvious for weeks on end… Mon-El is a prince

There have been so many guest stars of old Supermen, Supergirls and Wonderwomen that I’m waiting for Adam West to show up

“We think everyone is lying until we can prove they’re not” – Snapper. That seems like a healthy way to build relationships…

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Supergirl Recap 2×14

This week’s episode brings back Cadmus (exciting!) and continues to look at the disaster that is Kara and Mon-El.

Mon-El and Kara sitting in a tree

We start with Mon-El waking up in Kara’s bed, with Kara nowhere to be found, and him looking vulnerable. Kara’s TV is on with reports of Supergirl being well, super just as the day begins. The two share a gushy moment while getting ready for work, and Kara tells Mon-El that she doesn’t want anyone to know about them yet, because she doesn’t want to complicate things. Mon-El agrees and then the minute they step into the DEO he tells everyone.

At the Danvers family reunion dinner Kara and Mon-El get in a fight because he’s suspicious of Jeremiah (rightfully so) and Mon-El refuses to hold his tongue about it. She’s actually mad because Mon-El REFUSES to listen to her and she kicks him out of the party.

Jeremiah escorts Mon-El out and lets him know that he’s read the file Cadmus has on him and know who Mon-El really is/was (a prince probably). Mon-El meets with Winn to tell him his theory about Jeremiah, Winn agrees to help Mon-El with his search for proof, and Mon-El ends up admiring Winn’s relationship with Lyra. He asks him how he manages to have a loving and healthy relationship. Winn advises Mon-El to listen to Kara (duh) and not to try too hard.

After the big fight with Cadmus and her dad, Kara is crying forlorn on her couch when Mon-El stops by. Somehow, he’s learned how to listen and sits down providing a shoulder for her to cry on. Winn interrupts their moment to tell Kara that Jeremiah took the National Alien Registry.

Cadmus Dad

Winn’s Cadmus tracker alerts the team that Cadmus is active and moving cargo. Not wasting any time, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter go after the various Cadmus vehicles and workers, kicking their butts along the way. They open the semi-truck which is believed to have the cargo inside, but the only thing in there is Jeremiah.

Kara and J’onn bring Jeremiah back to the DEO where he has an emotional reunion with both of his daughters. He tells the DEO that Cadmus has a nuclear fusion bomb made from Kara’s heat vision (from episode seven) and they’re going to use it to destroy National City. Mon-El is suspicious of Jeremiah (because obvi) and voices his suspicions to Kara. She writes his feelings off, still caught up in the euphoria of her family reunion.

The Danvers decide to have a family dinner at Kara’s house and everyone (except Winn and James) is invited. At dinner, Jeremiah asks if he can rejoin the DEO and he gets the okay without having to go through a background check.

Winn finds out that Jeremiah broke into the DEO mainframe and tells Kara. Kara questions Jeremiah and he makes up some excuse about catching up on their adventures. Alex is PISSED that Kara believed Mon-El over Jeremiah accusing her of being lost in lust.

Winn finds Supergirl’s heat signature, so Alex, Supergirl and a bunch of DEO agents go to check it out. When they get to the location… nothing is there. Because it’s a trap! J’onn goes after Jeremiah who it turns out is part Cyborg! They fight but Jeremiah gets away with all the DEO information. Luckily, Winn put a tracker on Jeremiah and they find him with Lilian and Cyborg Hank Henshaw. Cyborg Hank blows up so train tracks so Supergirl goes and saves the passengers (didn’t this just happen on The Flash?) Alex chases after her dad, and questions him, she ends up letting him go, because the other alternative is killing him.

This episode felt a little… messy but I still enjoyed parts of it. I’m excited to have Cadmus back, even if they aren’t as powerful due to their outlaw status. They are a dynamic and high stakes adversary for team Supergirl. The writing for Supergirl has improved a lot this season but I still see the show relying heavily on basic television tropes which can make it dull. Jeremiah betraying the DEO and his family right after he got back from being kidnapped for a long time is super obvious (so much so that Mon-El figured it out in the first 10 minutes). I just wish there were more episodes that caught me by surprise, like when we found out Lilian Luthor was the head of Cadmus or that Hank Henshaw is Martian Manhunter. Also, maybe it’s because I hate them together, but Kara and Mon-El’s constant fighting is already emotionally draining, and this is the second episode.


Where does Mon-El live?

I’m now convinced that Kara’s only dating Mon-El because she can have sex with him without breaking him

Shoutout to Pam in HR!

Where does Supergirl rank in the DEO hierarchy? Is she Mon-El’s boss? Do her and Mon-El get paid for saving people?

A 24 shout out! My mom was excited…

Alex’s reactions to Jeremiah were the most believable, but not to her character. I would like to believe that Alex Danvers would use more scrutiny

Isn’t Alex also still in her honeymoon phase?

I felt like Eliza should’ve been more emotional? She hasn’t seen her husband in 14 years and she seems pretty put together

What do you think Jeremiah and Lilian’s deal is?

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Supergirl Recap 2×13

Every little thing she does

This week’s episode is a Valentine’s Day Episode! It dives deep into unhealthy relationship constructs, the importance in communication and honesty (you know unlike #hurtbae).

Kara’s got a Stalker

We start this week where we left off last, with Mr. Mxyzptlk professing his love for Kara and asking her to marry him. Kara is confused because she doesn’t know him from Adam, and Mon-El is put out (both figuratively and literally, Mr. Mxyzptlk sends him to the DEO in his undies) because he’s being cockblocked. Kara obviously says no to his proposal, but Mr. Mxyzptlk vows to get her to fall in love with him eventually.

Kara checks in at the DEO and finds out that Mr. Mxyzptlk is a 5th dimensional being capable of warping time, space and reality. His kind is also frequent on multiple worlds including Daxxom and Mars. J’onn tells Winn to research any past human run ins with these beings.

The next day there is a bank robbery in National City and Supergirl is there to stop it. She is about to catch the robbers when Mr. Mxyzptlk appears and tries to help her by drawing the thieves’ guns on them instead, almost killing them. Supergirl saves the bank robbers but is unable to catch Mr. Mxyzptlk.

That night Parasite (who should be dead; see episode 6) starts attacking National City. Supergirl and Mon-El show up to save everyone, and so does Superman!? It’s actually Mr. Mxyzptlk dressed as Supes so that he can save the day and impress Kara. He vows to continue to terrorize the city until Kara agrees to marry him. Frustrated, Mon-El is ready to kill Mr. Mxyzptlk and reveals that if you get him to say his name backwards he’ll go away forever. Kara is annoyed by Mon-El’s chauvinistic hot-headedness and tells him to leave, letting him know she’s got this. Kara gets back to the DEO and her and Mon-El get into a huge fight because he refuses to listen to her, and Kara doesn’t really respect him.

Mon-El runs into Winn, who’s busy thinking and like a fool lets slip to Mon-El that all the assorted instruments behind him are for tracking and stopping 5th dimensional imps. Winn then leaves the room, allowing Mon-El to take whatever’s at his disposal. Meanwhile, Kara is trying to learn how to say Mxyzptlk backwards.

Mon-El meets Mr. Mxyzptlk in a dark ally and has taken it upon himself to duel with him to the death for Kara’s hand. The two, dressed in garb from the late 1700s (HAMILTON) start fighting long enough for Kara to show up. Mr. Mxyzptlk continues his spiel about how he will do anything to get Kara to marry him, and much to Mon-El’s dismay, she agrees.

Mon-El goes to Kara’s apartment to talk her out of marrying Mr. Mxyzptlk and she shuts him down and promptly breaks up with him. Kara meets Mr. Mxyztptlk at the Fortress of Solitude (to be married on the soil of her people) and turns him down, again. Mr. Mxyzptlk is pissed and brings a giant ice statue of Jor-El to life to fight her. Kara wins, but Mr. Mxyzptlk threatens to continue causing destruction until he gets what he wants. Kara is tired of playing nice and sets the atomic cauldron to self-destruct which will kill them both, because Kara would rather be dead then with Mr. M (sick burn bro). Mr. Mxyzptlk freaks out because though he can bend reality he can’t make Kara NOT kill herself and begs her for the passcode to stop it. She tells him and gets him to spell (which in many ways is the same as saying) his name backwards, forcing him to disappear forever.

Mon-El returns to Kara’s apartment and apologizes for being a patronizing asshat. He admits that his feeling for Kara are strong and he doesn’t know what to do with them. She admits to tricking him into thinking she doesn’t have feeling for him, as part of her plan and they kiss or whatever.

Maggie Hates Valentine’s Day

                While brunching with Maggie, Alex gets a Valentine’s Day card from her mom which is dorky and cute. Maggie proceeds to go on tirade about how much she hates Valentine’s Day (I mean same girl, but chill) clearly making Alex uncomfortable.

Later at Kara’s apartment Alex tells Kara about Maggie’s dislike for Valentine’s Day and how she’s disappointed because after years of being single AF she was hoping to have at least one Valentine’s Day where she can be cheesy and gross like everyone else.  Kara encourages Alex to make a Valentine’s Day that fits Maggie’s tastes and likes in hopes that maybe she’ll come around to it.

Maggie enters her apartment to find it Malentined (Maggie x Valentine) up with all her favorite things (including scotch, tiramisu, and a sexy Alex) and she’s pissed. She yells at Alex for not listening to her and respecting her feelings about Valentine’s Day.  She then tells Alex the true story of how she was outed to her parents on Valentine’s Day by a friend she had feelings for. Maggie’s parents weren’t understanding and they kicked her out, which is why Valentine’s Day is so triggering for her.

After realizing that she was low-key being a jerk, Maggie runs into Kara at the DEO and Kara tells Maggie, to give Alex a break. Kara recognizes Maggie’s distain for Valentine’s Day, but she points out that relationships are a system of give and take, and maybe she can look past whatever she’s got going on to be emotionally supportive of Alex.

Maggie leaves a present and a note for Alex and it turns out she has thrown her a Valentine’s Day prom as a means of apologizing for her actions and showing how much she cares about Alex.

Winn’s Alien Date

                Winn is day drinking when he gets accosted by two angry aliens at the Alien Bar (aka the bar with no name). He is saved by Lyra an alien who “doesn’t like bullies”. She and Winn get to talking and he learns she’s from Starhaven a once utopian paradise. After they spend some time bonding she asks Winn out on a date as repayment for saving his life.

Winn is a little iffy on dating Lyra, and after some non-advice from Mon-El, Winn decides to go for it. He’s late meeting Lyra because he was securing dinner plans at a upscale restaurant, but she doesn’t care, all she wants to do is bone.

Despite their first date being more like a sex appointment, Winn and Lyra go on a second date. Lyra is weary of Winn because she doesn’t believe that human actually want to date her for her, but for the experience, and Winn is weary because the last girl he dated turned evil. They both agree to work it out in the end.

This was probably one of the most amusing episode this season (not counting the crossover). BUT Kara’s relationship with Mon-El can’t be made to last because their fight demonstrated how unstable this relationship is going to be. The issues they have with each other are major and not something you can really compromise over and they haven’t even determined the status of their relationship yet. Maggie’s coming out story was a little cliché but I suppose there’s a truth aligned with the cliché -ness of things.


Mr. M is watching all dimensions and Supergirl is the fiercest in all of them? Does Wonder Woman not exist or is she just a wimp!?

I appreciate all the Hamilton refences!

Is Rao Mon-El/a Daxxom God? Are they Mono or Polytheistic?

J’onn sending love notes to M’gann is just ❤ ❤ ❤ THE CUTEST!

If you were curious (I was) the cover of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” was by Sleeping At Last

“Tall Dark and Blandsome” is the winning quote of the episode

I couldn’t help but wonder how James would’ve handled the Mr. Mxyzptlk situation, if ya know Kara and the writers didn’t ruin them.

The Supergirl writers were really #WITHHER, there was a Nasty Woman reference

The people on Earth 38 are very confident that Superman won’t turn evil. I mean this dude has an Atomic Fusion Cauldron in his basement, that could kill everyone in the tri state area at the press of a few buttons.

My brother suggested the possibility of Mon-El becoming a villain after he and Kara broke up in the middle of the episode and even though it’s off brand, I really want this, because if one thing has been made clear in this episode, Mon-El didn’t exactly handle no well.

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